Where Is Troy Zink Now? Tera Smith Missing Case Update – Did He Murder Her?, Details Explained

Troy Zink was 29 years old when Tera Smith was a 16-year-old karate student. He was in a proper relationship with an underage girl Tera which was unsuitable because he already had a family and wife. On August 22, 1998, while Tera was setting the paint in the entertainment centre, her shift started around one hour after her mother, Marilyn, slept. Then Tera, on the other hand, did not notice anything. Then Smith’s Tera ex-boyfriend and friend started to call her, and no one on the other hand, and he was the award of that.

Then Tera’s mother, Marilyn, said that she did not call the police at first because she thought that Tera had gone to visit her friend. Then after some time, Marilyn called one of Tera’s friends and asked about Tera, but she did not know anything about Tera. Then Marilyn also said that Tera was having an affair with her Karata trainer Troy Zink then the balls alarm bells out. Troy was 29 years old at the Tera Smith missing case. Troy is 54 years old as of 2022, and it is unknown where he is living now; there is no information available on the internet.  

Where is Troy Zink now, and what is the update on Tera Smith’s missing case?   

Troy Zink is free from all charges against him in connection with the Tera Smith missing case in 1998. Now he is leading an everyday life, and there are prime suspects in the case after they learn about the Troy and Tera relationship. On the other hand, Troy has said that he was not in a relationship with her and that her deficiency is merely a well-wisher. Per the report on the missing date of Tera, she has asked for $ 2000 from Troy, and the reason for the amount she asked from him is unknown. He also said that he did not even have her phone number, which enraged the adolescent very much.

Also, he answered all the questions asked and did not give her money, and she also did not tell her why she needed that money. Troy observes that he has no idea what happened to Tera on the day she was missing. However, even though the police only suspected him, there is no official proof against him in the missing case. Police have also not filed any case against him because of no proper evidence; now, he is a free man. But on social media, he was blamed for the missing case of Tera and also there are many rumours that he kidnapped and killed her, but there is no proper evidence for all the rumours.

The court also asked everyone not to spread rumours about him on social media platforms. Until now, the police officer can’t find out what happened to Tera, and it is unknown where she is now until her case is filed as a missing case. Nobody knew what happened to her on that day she was missed. Tera is 40 years old as of 2022, and there is no information about her.     

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