Where Is Lancaster’s, Gideon Yapp? High school video resurfaces, Details explained

The story of Gideon Yapp has recently been brought up on several social media platforms. Gideon Yapp, a student at Gideon Yapp High School in California, is known for his habit of verbally assaulting his instructors. The racist high school student who attacked his teacher and later resurfaced on social media has sparked a lot of curiosity among members of the public, who want to know what became of him. In 2017, when he came for his first class, he insulted his African American instructor by using the n-word in front of other students. For a considerable amount of time, Yapp was one of the most despised people on the internet. People watch his films often to remember his presence.

Who is Gideon Yapp?

Gideon Yapp is the son of Robert and Karina Yapp and grew up in the city of Lancaster in the state of California. Since the event in 2017, neither Gideon Yapp nor his parents have made any remarks on it, and he has kept a low profile as a result. On the other side, his parents are the object of internet hate and anger directed against them. Despite this, he was not even dismissed from high school for making racist statements about his Asian English instructor. Users on Twitter and Reddit are under the impression that the teenager went to Eastside High School. What took place in his life after he graduated high school is a mystery for the time being. In light of the fact that Gideon was known to be a White Supremacist, many people are curious about how he may have utilized his power to go to other places.

What is this High school video about Gideon Yapp? 

On May 25, 2017, Gideon Yapp reportedly engaged in racially abusive behaviour against his physics instructor. In addition, the high schooler went into the classroom of Franklin Hsu’s Asian teacher and verbally insulted him. Additionally, he insulted Hsu’s colour and ethnicity in various ways that were taken out of context, and he used the racist insult known as “the N-word.” Following the occurrence, a video posted online became viral and kept coming back up. As the year 2022 gets near, the video’s popularity on Reddit and other social media sites like Twitter is growing.

Is Gideon Yapp on any social media?

For Gideon Yapp, his only social media platforms are Instagram and Facebook. On the other hand, in the last several months, he hasn’t been particularly active on Instagram or Twitter at all. Gideon Yapp was not kicked out of school for the incident, as stated by his fellow students at Eastside Excessive Faculty. The revelation is now generating a significant uproar on social media platforms. Yapp claims that he had the intention of joining the armed forces. In the meantime, it’s difficult to produce a conclusive response. We’ll let you know as soon as new evidence comes to light on his Instagram page.

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