Where Is Ashley Benefield Now? A former ballerina accused of murder shot her husband in self-defence? Details discussed

When a video of Jenna’s street brawl with another dog owner went viral, she became an instant celebrity. The creator’s estimated 7-figure TikTok earnings come from playing a dog. With over 1.3 million hearts, this video has gone viral on Tiktok. Phillips has become well-known among the many TikTok accounts that post cute animal videos. She plays the part of a puppy for the camera as she videos herself licking her chops, grasping at things, and catching frisbees. Benefield’s account of how a ballerina was falsely accused of killing her husband is featured prominently in The Black Swan Murder. On Saturday, June 4 at 10/9c on CBS and Paramount+, you may see the story that Jim Axelrod of 48 Hours covered.

What Happened to Ashley Benefield?

After spending almost two weeks in prison, Ashley Benefield was freed on bail. Five weeks after the killing, Ashley was arrested and charged with second-degree murder; she pled not guilty. Ashley’s worry may have been justified, or she may be a manipulative “black swan” from a Hollywood thriller. Her court case is not scheduled to begin until 2023. Ashley wanted to create an inclusive ballet company for all body types and races. Friends say Doug was committed to making Ashley’s wish come true because he cared about her happiness. After the summer of 2017, dancers from throughout the nation arrived in Charleston to join the American National Ballet.

Who Is Ashley Benefield’s Daughter?

In March 2018, Ashley Benefield became a mother. She hid the pregnancy from Doug at the time. She did not include his name on the birth certificate, either. Because of the judge’s intervention, he finally visited their daughter after six months. When Ashley suggested that the couple, their 2-and-a-half-year-old daughter, and Ashley’s mom, Alicia Byers, relocate to Maryland in the spring of 2020, Doug agreed. On September 27, 2020, Doug helped Ashley pack their household items into a U-Haul truck. Ashley and Doug were home alone when Ashley’s mother took her granddaughter to a park around 7 p.m. His untimely demise was the result of a lethal gunshot at that time.

Did the jury find Ashley Benefield not guilty of murder?

After a trial for Doug Benefield’s second-degree murder, the jury declared Ashley Benefield not guilty on all charges. A neighbour heard Doug and Ashley shouting and phoned the police while they were home alone. A short time later, she showed up at their residence armed with a pistol. A self-defence killing, she said, was the reason her spouse was no longer with her. When police and medics came, Doug was conscious but unable to communicate.

About an hour later, he was pronounced dead at a nearby facility. Neither Ashley nor her mother or attorney, Faith Brown, spoke with police enforcement. Her mother said Doug terrorized her and Ashley for three and a half years. She said they had gone to the authorities for assistance but were denied. Doug was not charged for Ashley’s allegations. Alicia refuted this, saying that Doug was a savvy player. Doug was shot twice while facing Ashley, as was revealed by investigators. Three bullets entered his body; two hit his legs, and one hit his arm; one entered his chest.

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