What You Need to Know About Camilo Madrigal from Encanto, Interesting facts explored!

The supporting character “Camilo Madrigal,” who has the “Shapeshifting ability,” became the most well-liked due to his sly, witty actions. This young guy is amazing and exciting to see develop because of the care with which his role has been crafted. Let us probe this boy’s character a little further. Rhenzy Feliz voices this persona. The age of this adolescent is specified as 15 years. Camilo Madrigal is the middle child of his parents, Pepa and Felix Madrigal. He is the younger brother of Antonio and the elder brother of Dolores. His role in the film is referred to as “The one who does not know who he is yet” throughout.

Physique of Camilo Madrigal

From the looks of the family portrait, Camilo is the same height as his uncle Bruno. He’s in excellent health and has plenty of pep for his years. He has a mischievous streak but a wonderful heart, and he is constantly full of energy and there for his loved ones.

Nationality of Camilo Madrigal

Encanto is a Disney animated film set entirely in Colombia and featuring a substantial Colombian voice cast. All the action takes place in a wonderful mansion deep in the heart of Colombia, where a strong matriarchal figure presides over her family. The Madrigal family in this Colombian film are mestizo, meaning they are a mixed-race family. Because of these intertwining factors, it is difficult to determine which group Camilo Madrigal belongs to. Since the film’s setting is Colombia, we might assume that Camilo is a country citizen.

Physiological Traits of Camilo Madrigal

This young lady, all 15 years old, has a light golden brown complexion and a trim frame. His curling dark auburn hair and light freckles make him a striking appearance. Camilo resembles his Abuelo Pero the most, despite their differing facial characteristics, haircuts, and skin tones. Like Pedro, he wears a white, long-sleeved shirt with sleeves rolled up, which is a major component of the fashion sense that he inherited. The shirt’s collar is constantly open, the buttons mismatched, and the suit is undone and loose. He wears a yellow ruana with dark yellow stripes and black sandals to match his slacks and shirt. 

Camilo Madrigal’s Personality

Camilo is the family joker, always up for a good joke or a good teasing of his relatives. He has a kind heart, despite his mischievous personality. Preserving and supporting his loved ones. He sometimes makes snarky comments, like how the family was left homeless when Casita was demolished. He’s easygoing, caring, amusing, and clever, unlike his quiet elder sister and bashful little brother. Camilo is an attention-seeking brat who thrives on spreading wild tales about himself and others. 

Magical Capabilities of Camilo Madrigal

Camilo Madrigal is a shapeshifter. The chameleons that adorn his ruana, collar, and sandals further represent his authority. He’s mastered his skill, but it has limits. Also, he can only transform into human beings, not animals or inanimate things. He may quickly assume the form of a younger or older person to meet his specific needs in terms of speed and agility. He can adopt the voice of anybody he shapeshifts into. Aside from that, he may involuntarily transform into other persons in response to shock, pain, or stress.

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