What will the Internet of the future be like?

Today’s society is interconnected and digitized, so at first glance, it may be a bit strange to regress towards the beginnings of the internet. But the truth is that in the 90s when this technology made its stellar appearance, it revolutionized everything in its path.

It may seem that in so few years its impact has not been such, but when reviewing it, it is possible to notice how the internet has transformed daily life.

In the beginning, it could hardly be used to check e-mail, which meant a real facility for interpersonal and work communications. Little by little, search engines, instant messaging, blogs, videos, educational platforms, social networks, and even e-commerce platforms were incorporated to buy any type of product or service. Online messaging platforms have replaced the offline ones that are considered outdated. That’s the fact!

Throughout its history, the Internet has gone from being a communications network to becoming a global telecommunications infrastructure that allows different human activities to be carried out. Work, study, buy, communicate … Everything has changed since the arrival of this technology.

Even for men, the Internet seemed to put what they liked right in front of their faces, at a fraction of the cost. What we mean is adult content which is now made easier thanks to online sites. Perhaps the best example of this is VR Porn which is gaining more and more popularity by the day.

Now online food ordering has also become a lifestyle for many people. It was started by Uber, a kind of online taxi scheme that is the basis for the development of similar services with a variety of vehicles. The power brought by the Internet is so great that it has been able to overhaul the convenience of conventional taxi companies around the world. The presence of online taxi ordering networks has seriously hit telephone-based networks. Much faster and much cheaper!

What will happen in the future? Considering its rapid rise and growth, specialists around the world estimate what this technology will look like in the future. Next, we review some of the main considerations that are made in this regard.

Focus shift

In its beginnings this technology was associated with communication between people, in the future, the Internet will be used as a way to offer new services.

In fact, this is a reality that is becoming more and more evident, especially with the possibilities of distance education and electronic commerce. This trend will grow noticeably.


In the beginning, the internet was associated with a computer. Over the years, it became present in all kinds of mobile devices: from phones to watches and different wearables.

In the future, the trend will be the internet of things or the possibility of having access to the network from all kinds of home devices. Everything will be interconnected, allowing more and more machines to be manipulated through the internet.


The information generated through the internet is a matter of concern for experts in all areas. Currently, it seeks to guarantee privacy with practices designed to protect the personal data of users, however, in the future the possibility that the data passes into the public domain is handled.

In short, little by little we will have increasingly fast internet, present and capable of carrying out different tasks. With this technology, the same thing will happen as with electricity: it will be present in every aspect of our life, but with the passage of time it will cease to attract attention and will simply become part of everyday life.

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