What Is Compare and Contrast Essay: Writing Guide

Essay writing is a time-consuming process requiring proper preparation and concentration. Students often struggle to create qualitative content, regarding the numerous types and requirements an essay has. There is always a possibility to deprive yourself of any hassle and get professionals from a cheap writing service to help you. Still, one should know the basic principles of essay writing, whether it is argumentative or compare and contrast essay. Read on and follow the guide to create a good compare and contrast essay on your own.

Pick out a Topic

Contrast and compare essay is a piece of academic writing which aims at highlighting difference and similarities of two concepts or entities existing within one field or category. Picking out a topic for such an essay is an important part as well as for any other type of academic writing.

If you are not given any specific topic or category, you must come up with a topic you are interested in and have what to say about it. For compare and contrast essay it is important to select two concepts or entities originating from the same category. This way you will have similarities to dwell on. Still, they need to differ from each other so that you manage to highlight their contrast.  

List Down Similarities and Differences

The next step is the distinctive feature of this type of essay, listing down similarities and differences. You can write down all the points in two columns. But it is better to group them into thematic blocks so that you can operate your ideas later. So, the table with blocks will work better. Or you can use the Venn diagram. Two overlapping circles will contain differences in their spare segments and similarities in overlapping ones. Mind, that the better you visualize and organize your ideas in the preparation stage, the easier it will be for you to write your essay later.

Generate the Main Argument

The main argument is the core idea you need to support throughout the whole essay. You can generate it before you list down similarities and differences. But doing this afterward will be easier than vice versa. You will see the picture of your whole essay and manage to come up with the main idea judging your lists with no hurdles.

Decide on an Appropriate Structure

There are several ways to structurize your compare and contrast essay. You can present your ideas in two blocks, describing your concepts separately. This means you will devote the first block to similarities and differences of the first concept, and the second block to another concept respectively.

The parallel construction will let you describe similarities of two concepts first and then go to presenting differences parallel. There no correct or incorrect structure, the point is to present your ideas logically and organize them neatly.

Tailor an Outline

Once you have an idea of the structure and content of your essay, you are ready to tailor an outline. As usual include an introduction with the main argument, main body with even paragraphs for two concepts, and conclusion in the end.

Never skip the outline writing. It will help you to keep the thread of writing and create high-quality content with no hurdles.

Come Up with Evidence

Remember that your every idea has to be supported with evidence from reliable sources or personal experience. Listing points will not work unless you justify them properly. You can also include quotes and references to back up your opinion with the thoughts of in-field experts.

Once you have all the components ready and well-organized, you can put them together and create a compare and contrast essay.

Mind Your Language

Track your language while you are writing. Consider the following points:

  • Use academic language (https://registrar.washington.edu/students/elpr/)
  • Avoid colloquialisms
  • Apply linking words to provide smooth transitions between sentences and paragraphs
  • Use contrasting and comparing words to highlight your ideas.

Look for templates, and words list to help you. Pay attention to details. It will affect your final grades and writing quality.

Proofread and Edit

Always find time and power to proofread and edit your final draft. Otherwise, your efforts won’t be appreciated properly with a number of mistakes in your text. Do some spelling and grammar checks. You can use helpful tools to speed up the process. Review the style, structure, and requirements coverage. Get ensured that you have included all the necessary elements and your writing sounds complete and logical. Besides, it is recommended to let your text rest for a while, so that you can have a fresh look at it. This will allow you to measure your performance objectively.

Compare and contrast essay writing process is not complicated. It just needs your decent efforts, concentration, following the requirements. Look for a good topic, brainstorm ideas, research evidence, organize everything properly, and set to writing. Remember to polish your creation before handing it in. Do your best and you will succeed with a compare and contrast essay eventually.

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