What Is an Active Office Chair: Understanding How It Works and Its Benefits

In today’s society, more and more of us are working from behind a computer. It’s all too easy to forget to look after yourself. 

Active chairs are the latest must-have item for your home or office. They allow your body to keep moving while working, allowing you to complete your work guilt-free.

Here’s our introduction to help you better understand the active office chair.

Defining an Active Office Chair

Typically, taking a break is associated with resting to reduce eye strain or rest our thoughts for fresh ideas. But it’s too easy to forget it can also mean the opposite. 

It’s essential to make sure your body remains active to keep blood flowing, muscles in shape, and keep joints loose.

Active chairs specifically target your body’s specific areas to promote movement, resulting in a healthier, more rounded experience. The active chair will reduce health issues later on and improve your concentration when you are using the chair.

Know Your Own Body

Each active office chair targets individual muscles and joints to make sure they keep in good shape. Buying the wrong active chair can, potentially, be as useless as not buying one at all. 

If, for example, you have restless legs or ADHD and fidget regularly, a balance ball is ideal. The ball works your muscles while satisfying your need to move frequently.

For someone who is naturally static and works out at the gym, encouraging circulation using a saddle chair will keep their body healthy while avoiding muscle damage through overactivity.

For Serious Ailments Seek Professional Advice

If you have a severe existing ailment, you must seek medical advice and attention before purchasing an active chair. A professional can tailor your choice to your specific needs. In these cases, buying the wrong chair can damage your body, so you must seek professional help.

Find a Chair That Complements Your Working Style

As equally important as understanding your own body, ask yourself several questions about the way you work. The most important of these is how much you will be standing up and sitting down in a day.

For example, suppose you are in a job that requires standing up to reach files or stock every five minutes. In that case, a perching stool allows you to transition easier between the two. A wobble chair or balance ball will leave you frustrated as you find yourself trying to get comfortable every time you sit back down.

Take a look here for some more styles, plus a wider range of equipment that will help make life easier at work.

The Common Theme is Movement

Ultimately your choice needs to come down to your health but, most importantly, allowing your body the movement it needs to keep yourself healthy and more productive.

It’s easy to forget that an active office chair is more than just a chair. You will know you’ve found the perfect chair for your office when you forget you’re even using one.

Now get into the active thing and keep discovering ways to improve your health at work!

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