What Happened to the Wedding Story of Sam Shelton and Ashley Reeves? What’s his status after the murder attempt?

According to “Left for Dead, The Ashley Reeves Story,” Ashley had a boyfriend, a loving family, and a large group of friends. She was also regarded as an outstanding student and a star on the basketball court. Things were going well for her until she fell in love with her tutor, Sam Shelton, who destroyed her happy existence. She vanished for two months before they had another conversation in February of 2006.

What Happened During Sam Shelton and Ashley Reeves’ Wedding?

Everyone was taken aback when they learned that Samson Shelton and Ashley planned to marry, despite their significant age gap. They had been dating for a time and were ready to take the next step, but the ceremony was never completed. Sam, alias Samson, also claimed in an interview that Ashley’s interest in him grew daily before she vanished. The two were in a relationship, as shown in the Lifetime film Left for Dead, which also shows the tragic events that occurred between Sam and Ashley. Sam further said that he admitted to their sexual encounter with a hug in the trunk of his vehicle. The cops contacted Ashley after hearing from his buddies that he and his date were enjoying themselves. Shelton said that he was unhappy because of how things were going with Ashley. 

What Happened to Sam Shelton?

Sam admitted his guilt to the court but was released on bond and placed under house arrest. To make matters worse, Shelton allegedly attempted suicide by hitting emergency personnel, leading to his arrest for attempted violence. In February of 2010, the charges were dismissed. Sam ignored the court and didn’t even bother to apologize to the victim. The gym teacher was sentenced to 20 years in prison at Illinois’s Hill Correctional Centre. He will be eligible for release in 2024 based on his accumulated time served.

What’s the reason for Sam Shelton to Kill Ashley Reeves?

Shelton was accused of breaking Ashley’s neck and abandoning her in the woods to make her fall in love with him. However, he left Ashley for dead in the woods after burying her alive with garbage and leaves. When it’s evident, they’ve made a mistake by becoming violent. Sam tries to get Ashley out of the automobile in the documentary Left for Dead, The Ashley Reeves Story. Police first focused their investigation on Ashley’s long-term lover, but they soon realized Sam was also a possible suspect in her abduction.

What drove Sam Shelton to attempt murder on Ashley Reeves?

When the police arrived, Sam Shelton said he wanted to quit the relationship, but Ashley contradicted him by saying she wasn’t. Forcing Reeves out of the vehicle, Shelton placed her in a chokehold and snapped her neck. The two of them went into the woods, where he beat her with his fists and strangled her with his belt. After 12 hours of interrogation, during which he repeatedly changed his tale, he finally confessed. Later, he led police to Ashley’s corpse, discovered 12 minutes from her house. Nearly 30 hours after the incident, Ashley was discovered gravely damaged but fortunate to be alive.

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