What happened to Coryxkenshin, AKA Cory Williams? Youtuber Retirement News Worries Fans, Details explored!

YouTuber, gamer, and Internet celebrity Cory Williams (Coryxkenshin) uses his actual name. Over 13.7 million people subscribe to him on YouTube because of his comedic videos. But now Cory is in danger of losing his job because of remarks he made years ago. Many believe he should be blocked from the web. However, the YouTuber has been absent from social media for a while now. His fans are concerned about his well-being.

Why is the show Coryxkenshin coming to an end?

The year 2004 marked the beginning of Coryxkenshin’s online presence. The 29-year-old has made comments that are maybe not suitable for work. Online investigators recently uncovered the murky history of Cory’s background. The person’s disturbing statements were discovered on YouTube. After a transgender person complained that Coryxkenshin used a derogatory term for them, the show was cancelled. According to Cory’s version of events, however, he was unaware that the individual was Trans. And he’s already apologised for uttering the slur all those years ago. In the letter of apology, he said, “I apologise to anybody in the trans community who may come across this. Certainly, I would never use the term “acceptable” to characterise this. However, it does not excuse the use of foul words. Since Coryxkenshin has been laughing at a disabled person and making jokes against Asians, he, too, has been removed from the programme. Others, however, have spoken out in defence of Cory, arguing that the videos are old and that it would be a waste to cancel him at this time.

Is it true that Coryxkenshin quit his work in 2022, right?

2022 Coryxkenshin hasn’t quit YouTube. If he tries, he can do it. The YouTuber plans to retire after he got 10 million subscribers in 2020. Cory abandoned the plan owing to crowd support. Coryxkenshin took 13 vacations throughout the years. He needed a “brain break,” he says. 2011 was Cory’s first hiatus after two years without updating. His disappearance went overlooked since he was a minor YouTuber. His first absence was noteworthy, but the next 12 made it clear. Nine months without updates was his second-longest absence in 2019. His family vacationed in Japan at this time. Since the start of his most recent hiatus on April 10, 2022, many have wondered if he plans to leave YouTube permanently. Coryxkenshin has not been seen streaming on Twitch for a considerable time.

What happened with Coryxkenshin?

Coryxkenshin is now disconnecting from his many social media accounts. Having had the worst year of his life in 2020, he decided to take some time off. He was forthright about his experiences with mental illness, admitting to having suffered from despair and anxiety. Not only did he have additional projects in mind, but he also wanted to get started on them immediately. Cory hasn’t logged onto Instagram since April 7th, 2022. Many of his followers have commented on the page pleading for him to return. We have no idea where he is at the moment. He has expressed a desire to prioritise time away from the office for his mental well-being. Nonetheless, we keep our fingers crossed that Coryxkenshin will return for another round.

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