What Happened Between Klay Thompson and Laura Harrier? Relationship details explored!

The relationship between American actress Laura Harrier and NBA player Klay Thompson has ended, and Harrier is reportedly seeing a new guy called Sam Jarou. This is everything we’ve learned about her thus far. The American actress and model Laura Harrier shot to fame with roles in blockbuster movies like Spider-Man: Homecoming and soap operas like One Life to Live and 4th Man Out. Since 2013, Harrier has been practising this kind of self-discipline, and her dedication has paid off: she’s been cast in many major roles that have brought her widespread acclaim.

She first appeared in a major film role as Destiny Evans in the 2000s. Since then, she’s been making a name for herself in the industry, and her efforts have paid off: in 2020, she’ll take home an AAFCA Award for her style in Hollywood. Although Harrier was already well-known, she became a household name when she started dating NBA star, Klay Thompson. Many supporters are still not sure whether they are a fan club.

Laura Harrier and Klay Thompson reportedly broke up

The speculation about Laura Harrier and Klay Thompson dates back to 2020. We assumed they were dating since they were seen together multiple times during that period and because they posted images of themselves together on Instagram. They did, however, end up splitting up somewhere around the beginning of the year 2020. It was in the year 2020 when Laura Harrier and Klay Thompson first collaborated. Since neither of them has addressed the matter in public, we do not yet know what led to their decision to go their way. They’re all happy with where their lives are, and they’re all busy and committed professionals.

Are Laura Harrier and Klay Thompson still together?

Following a breakup in early 2020, Laura Harrier and Klay Thompson are no longer a couple. In addition, the prior pair started dating in 2018 and were seen together in various places during their courtship. In addition, when Harrier was seen getting cosy with Sam Jarou, many speculated that she had a new guy in her life. She was seen out with Jarou in Monaco, France, for lunch. It is said that they appeared in a shot taken at La Vigie, a restaurant in Monaco. Sam Jarou and Laura Harrier were captured in a compromising position. When the images were uploaded on the internet, they gained widespread attention almost quickly, which led to rumours that the two of them had started a relationship. None of them, however, have commented on or verified the rumour.

Laura Harrier Has a Massive Net Worth

As an actress and model, Laura Harrier has earned a fortune predicted to reach between $200,000 and $500,000 in 2022. Harrier has contributed to many blockbuster films that have earned incalculable sums at the box office. The 2021 Met Gala will include Harrier. Furthermore, Harrier collaborates with several notable producers who need to be paying her well. Her various sources of income should enable her to enjoy a life of lavish comfort.

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