What Does Your Zodiac Sign Say About Your Style?

As you learn about your zodiac sign, it shouldn’t be surprising that your style may come to mind. After all, both fashion and astrology look to a person’s personality and assign certain traits. An Aries, for instance, is a self-confident leader, and their choice of clothing reflects that. Meanwhile, a Scorpio’s passion will be as evident in their outfits as it is the rest of their lives. By studying your zodiac sign, you can learn about your strengths and weaknesses—and how you can apply these traits to your closet. 

Aries: Understated Basics


As a star of the most powerful zodiac sign ranking, Aries recognizes that their daily look doesn’t have to be bold. This fire sign has that covered no matter what they’re wearing and lets their personality do the talking by opting for understated basics. 

Taurus: Form & Function


A Taurus longs for stability, but they’re just as anxious to accumulate extravagance. With that in mind, you should expect that your favorite Taurus favors outfits that emphasize both form and function. 

Gemini: Trendy Trials


Geminis are unquestionably impulsive, and, unsurprisingly, this shows in their style. A Gemini will turn to trends for inspiration, then try them out for themselves. 

Cancer: Timeless & Refined


Like this astrological sign in any area of life, a Cancer’s fashion sense turns to classics. Their clothes will make them happiest when they’re timeless and polished. Whether that’s a standout luxury watch or a well-fitting suit, a Cancer will be most comfortable in an enduring look.

Leo: Bold & Instinctual


Leo is the zodiac’s lion and, like the king of the jungle, they rely on instinct. In Leo’s case, that instinct is for all things bold, so their ideal outfit will show off their strong character. 

Virgo: Classic & Casual


A Virgo’s kind, industrious nature is evident in their clothes and accessories. They prefer casual pieces, if only because they’re functional and allow them the range of motion to tackle whatever comes their way. 

Libra: Luxury Statements


This air sign thrives on balance, and their diplomatic, idealistic nature is paralleled in their taste for decadent statement pieces in their closet. They’ll want to learn more about luxury watches and other rich pieces to embrace their optimism tangibly. 

Scorpio: Signature Styles


Another especially powerful sign of the zodiac, Scorpio’s sense of fashion may vary. However, one element will remain true throughout the sign—a Scorpio will always show off their unique style with confidence that befits this sign’s personal power. 

Sagittarius: Stylish Freedom


An honest Sagittarius needs few things more than freedom, so it’s no surprise that their style would reflect that. Their outfits will always be fashionable, but they’ll exercise their autonomy by putting their own spin on trends and only embracing those that truly appeal to them. 

Capricorn: Sophisticated Simplicity


The relentlessly ambitious Capricorn is just as committed to that discipline in their style. Their clothes and accessories won’t be too flashy, but their simply sophisticated fashion will be carefully honed to make an impression. 

Aquarius: Creative Experimentation


As one of the zodiac’s most rebellious signs, an Aquarius will emphasize a creative, eccentric fashion sense. Their taste in clothes and accessories won’t stick to conventional trends—instead, they’ll create a look that’s all their own. 

Pisces: Flowing Comfort


You’ll most likely find Pisces floating through life in draping fabrics and maximum comfort. They wear their hearts on their sleeves and may do the same in their style choices. 

From the strongest sign to the gentlest, each astrological sign has a distinct set of traits associated with it. By studying your birth chart and these qualities, you’ll find that your sun sign and other unique aspects of astrology may very well permeate through every area of your life—your fashion sense included. 

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