What Does the Best Plumber Look Like?

Perhaps a homeowner has a big plumbing job coming up.  Perhaps the pipes in the house are so old that they are actually lead pipes.  The homeowner knows they have to be replaced. You can learn the basics of plumbing online if you want to do it on your own and can hire a local plumber as well

It’s not a job anyone would want to leave to a poor plumber or some fly-by-night company.  But how does a homeowner know when they have found the best plumber?


One of the ways to judge the best plumbers near me is to look for a plumbing company with years of experience.  Choose a company that has already made their mistakes and learned from them.   Finding a great plumber is a lot more likely when you choose a company that has been around for a while.

Look at their website and see when the company was founded.  Look at the information about the founder – was the company started by someone who had lots of plumbing experience?  Do they hire plumbers who have experience?


While homeowners are looking at plumbing websites, they should see if the plumbers they hire are certified, state-licensed, and insured.  If something goes wrong during the job, the homeowner should not have to worry about damage to his property.  The company’s insurance should be valid. 

Each state has its own plumbing licensing board.  Check to see if every plumber has passed the licensing exam.  Ask if the company conducts random drug testing on their employees.  Check to see if the company conducts background checks before they hire someone so that you don’t have to worry about the plumbers stealing something valuable.


Any good plumber is going to stand behind their work with a warranty. That’s why a homeowner should look for a company that has been around for a while.  If a company disappears after they install all new pipes, a warranty won’t be any good.  Ask what kind of warranty they offer. An experienced company that’s been around for years is more likely to stay in business.   They should come back for free to fix anything they did wrong. 


Homeowners should find out if the plumber uses up-to-date technology.  Many companies these days use high-pressure water jets to clean drains.  Newer technologies give better results.


A good plumbing company will offer a well-rounded menu of services.  If they are working on a water heater, be sure they are also able to detect hidden leaks.  Nothing worse than getting a new water heater and then finding out later that it leaks after it has destroyed the floor.

Along the same lines, the best plumber near me will offer emergency plumbing repairs.  The company should offer 24/7 service.  The best plumbers have a technician on call around the clock.

The best companies will offer drain cleaning, toilet installation, and garbage disposal repairs.  They should be able to handle anything from old-fashioned radiators all the way up to the new tankless water heaters. 

In addition, business owners will find that the best plumbers are certified and licensed to work on industrial boilers. 

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