What Does Rate Your NP Mean? Urban Dictionary Meaning Explained

Recently, there have been many models slang in time intervals where NP stands for Natural potential or Natty potential. Payment NP means usage of someone’s physiques, and as per the report, it is a Bow tie physique based on nine physique ratings.

  1. Obesity
  2. Solid Built
  3. Under exercised
  4. Standard
  5. Standard Muscular
  6. Thin
  7. Thin and Muscular
  8. Very Muscular

Many people use time interval natty, which will debate the bodybuilders who will not use performance medication, anabolic steroids, and many others. Rating your NP might be suggested to make a payment or not or someone who is pure or not. Moreover, most Tik Tokers will say that NP means Nipple Placement. Still, it is an entire neighbourhood of Tik Tok, and it seems to use the time intervals between confusion and unclear to imply the abbreviation surfaced. Much slang is used in the time interval in the model forms of time, and there are few motion pictures available on Tik Tok based on Time Intervals which have more than millions of views. Also, the comment has to be crowded half with the exact slang time interval.     

What Does Rate Your NP Mean? Urban Dictionary Meaning Explained

Many people want to know about the rate of NP in Urban Dictionary, and there is a reply to the thriller question most people want to answer. There is no exact meaning and definition available in the Urban Dictionary, and various phrases corrected with NP the meanings like No Problem, Non-Posers, Nipple Protrusion, and many others. Each one of them has distinctive along with implies. The Tik Tokers have used many motion pictures with thin time intervals, and the rate of the NP rate is different on body buildings, and many Natty potentials are in the one. As per the Urban Dictionary, Natty used the time interval throughout the well-being and nicely-being neighbourhood to someone who doesn’t use medication in Bodybuilding.  

What is Urban dictatory?

Urban Dictatory is an online dictionary that stands for many slang and phrase words, and it is operating the motto and will define the word. It was founded in 1999 by Aaron Peckham while studying computer science at California Polytechnic State University, located in San Luis Obispo. Urban Dictionary was used as a dictionary consisting of slang, cultural words and phrases, which is not like the standard dictionary. The main aim of the Urban Dictionary is to define any words, phrases, or events, including sexually explicit information.

The words or phrases used in the Urban dictionary will have multiple definitions, and also it will have many usage examples and tags. In 2014, The Urban dictionary had more than seven million definitions for the words, and it will have around 2,000 new entries added daily to help people who need definitions. In 2009, it listed more than 4 million entries and received more than 2,000 new submissions, and in April 2015, it registered more than 15 million visitors, which is 80 per cent monthly.    

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