What Causes Separation Anxiety in Dogs

Dogs can bring joy to any person’s life, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have their own problems too. Like you, dogs can also feel anxious, stressed, or depressed when facing various situations.

Separation anxiety is a common problem that many dogs face. No matter how happy of an environment they’re living in, there can be many triggers that cause them to develop it. If you’re wondering what can cause separation anxiety in your dog and find yourself asking, “does CBD help dogs with separation anxiety?” keep on reading.

Being Left Alone for The First Time

Whether you’ve left your puppy or a full-grown dog alone in your home for the first time, it can understandably be a new experience for them. Since they haven’t been left alone on their own before, they will have no clue what to do.

When they can’t find you or other household members, they may get distressed and worried. It might make them feel like you’ve left forever or feel sad that they’ve been left behind. The best way to ensure that they don’t get anxiety from this situation is to ensure that they’re given attention as soon as you’re back.

Spending Hours By Themselves

If you tend to work for hours and can’t give your dog enough attention, at first, they might act out and begin to show unruly behavior. However, if you leave this unaddressed, it can lead to anxiety or even depression.

Most dog breeds are not solitary creatures, and they like to socialize, whether it’s with humans or other dogs. When you’re gone for hours or are unavailable to socialize with your dog, look for a remedy to ensure that your dog doesn’t develop separation anxiety.

Suffering From Trauma

If your dog has suffered from abuse in their previous home or been involved in something traumatic, it can tend to cause a lot of anxiety. Over time, this anxiety can develop further when not taken care of properly.

You might begin to see your dog whimpering or staring at walls when you’re preparing to go out. In these cases, if you’re wondering, “does CBD help dogs with separation anxiety?” then the answer is yes. CBD can go a long way in making your pet feel relaxed and calmer. If your dog is suffering from past trauma, administering CBD is a great way to help them relax and enhance their mood.

Changes in Routine

If your household is going through a transition or changed routine, your dog can also be impacted by it. Whether you’re shifting houses or are simply adjusting to a new member in the home, you have to ensure that your dog isn’t suffering due to it.

If you see your dog more subdued than usual or any other unusual habits developing during this time, pay closer attention to them. While separation anxiety can start out small, it can negatively impact your dog’s life.

Being Abandoned

Many dogs have a fear of being abandoned, especially if they’ve already experienced it before. It can start manifesting every time you leave them alone for a few hours and worsen over time.

If you constantly see your dog barking and making a ruckus every time you’re leaving home, it can signify that they’re already developing separation anxiety. You must calm them down before leaving the house, as leaving them alone in that state can only worsen their condition.

Switching Homes

If you’ve recently welcomed a dog home that used to belong to someone else, your dog can become anxious at the prospect of adjusting to a new home.

Whatever the reasons are, if you’re wondering, “does CBD help dogs with separation anxiety?” you’ll be happy to know that the answer is a resounding yes. CBD can restore balance to their endocannabinoid system and deal with stress and anxiety, among other things.

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