What are the Side Effects of Infrared?

IR (Infrared) is a sort of electromagnetic radiation that includes wavelengths between about 780nm to 1000μm. Plus, it is typically divided into various bands: Far-Infrared, Spectral, Mid-Infrared, and Near-Infrared bands. Yes, you heard that right!

Several studies have shown that it can highly improve stiffness in rheumatoid arthritis, heal skiing wounds, relieve pain, and also stimulate the cardiac stem cells and mesenchymal proliferation. Additionally, the far infrared heating mat is also helpful for chronic inflammation and ease joint pain.

As it has many positive sides, some drawbacks are also there. One should acknowledge its side effects to get familiar with the cons – so that he can take precautions to save himself from any damage. So, here we go;

Infrared Radiations – Disadvantages and Side Effects

#1. Eye Damage:

People who often work in the industries that expose them to IR radiations for long working hours are most likely to experience the damage of eyes. Also, the human eye is a highly sensitive organ that gets affected by radiation, particularly if that infrared radiation is at an extreme level of intensity.

Extreme electromagnetic radiation exposure, including IR radiation, damages the cornea and lens of the eye. It is also one of the main reasons why staring continuously at the sun is injurious (and unintelligent). Those who usually work near enormous radiation should make sure to wear goggles and far infrared heating mat at that time.

In addition, the most common disease of the eye associated with infrared radiation is cataracts. IR radiation prolonged exposure causes a slow but irreversible lens opacity. Other forms of eye damage from IR exposure typically include scotoma (the loss of vision completely due to retina damage).

#2. Infrared Waves, Lasers, and Skin Damage:

High infrared wave doses can also damage tissues and skin. These are almost the same as heatwaves. The laser beams contain extremely amplified or magnified IR radiation (microwaves, infrared, visible light, and others). Anyhow, if people will start using a far infrared heating mat, they can improve their skin to a great extent.

Moreover, the lasers can be powerful enough to burn an entire hole via metal & therefore could also damage flesh. Highly strong lasers are being efficiently developed even by the military for utilization as weapons. Also, sunlight damages skin, resulting eventually in a wrinkled and grooved appearance. 

Since sunlight is naturally polychromatic, its effects on the skin are the outcomes of not just the action of every wavelength but also some interactions among the various wavelengths, largely including infrared, UV, and visible light.

#3. Greenhouse Effect:

Infrared waves are highly involved largely in the greenhouse effect. Plus, the surface of the earth & the clouds efficiently absorb these radiations from the rays of the sun and consequently re-emit it in the form of infrared radiations to back them out in the atmosphere.

Also, when the air over the surface of the earth has an increased water vapour concentration, as well as specific elements like nitrogen and sulfur & chemicals like chlorofluorocarbons, the IR radiation becomes almost trapped in the ground.

It also causes prominent changes in the patterns of weather as well as elevated temperatures that can be highly injurious to animals, people, and the environment, too. As a result, people have to face many diseases as well.

Hope this article will be highly enlightening for you, folks!

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