Creatine is an organic acid found in skeletal muscles produced by organs such as liver, pancreas and kidney. When converted into phosphocreatine, it creates ATP. With the help of this substance, ATP produces the energy required for intense workouts and exercises. Though the human body can produce this substance, one can supplement it by consuming red meat, poultry, fish and synthetically from supplements. This is among the most popular health supplements, and athletes mainly use it to improve their nutrient supply. The supplement comes in different forms. Among this, creatine monohydrate and creatine nitrate are the most popular ones. It is primarily used by athletes involved in weightlifting, cycling, sprints, and gym enthusiasts. It allows one to lift more weight, pedal more distance and sprint faster. 

Creatine V/S Protein

When it comes to health supplements, people often get confused between creatine and protein supplements. The main difference is that the former produces energy while the latter helps to build muscles. While one boosts athletic performance, the other encourages the growth, repair and recovery of the muscle tissues. The easily digestible nature of protein popularised its usage among athletes as the regular diet takes longer to digest.

Why is it Necessary?

·           While performing intense workouts, the ATP stored in the muscles will be broken down and produce energy. When the body uses this energy, it becomes tired. Thus, the intake of the supplement delivers the necessary strength. Apart from aiding the body to produce energy, it improves athletic performance in general. It can deal with injuries that may have occurred during workouts by reducing the intensity or preventing tear and inflammation.

·           High-intensity workouts and exercises might increase fatigue and tiredness. When one uses supplements, it increases dopamine levels and gives more energy. It is known to increase free-fat body muscles. Besides helping one grow muscles, it makes the muscles look more prominent and fuller than it is, by allowing the body to store more water.

·           Heart and lungs supply oxygen to the muscles to maintain the cardiovascular fitness of a person. Intake of the supplements improves the aerobic capacity. It not only helps the athletes; it has clinical applications also. It helps to fight several neurological diseases such as depression, bipolar disorder etc. Studies prove that it can improve brain function.

Which is the Best Form of Supplements available?

There are six main types of these supplements available in the market. They are the creatine variants of Monohydrate, Magnesium Chelate, Ethyl Ester, Buffered, Liquid and Hydrochloride. Out of these, Monohydrate is the most beneficial and commonly used supplement.

Things to be Noticed Before the Intake

·           Though its intake is considered safe, it is always better to consult a medical practitioner and use it according to their directions. Avoid taking an excessive amount of the supplement than advised, as it could harm organs like the kidney. Drink plenty of water while taking the supplement as it might sometimes cause dehydration.

·           People who have diabetes, kidney disease, and heart disease are advised not to ingest supplements. Women who are pregnant and breastfeeding should also avoid its consumption.

The supplements are available in different forms in the market as powder, tablets, drinks etc. Although it is a substance produced by the body, people like athletes and bodybuilders require more for their workouts and exercises. Buy the best quality supplements from the nutrition shops and boost your athletic career with the finest supplements.

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