What Are Some Great Slackline Tricks That a Beginner Can Learn?

Seen people slacklining around parks and other public places but never tried it? Slacklining is a fun and engaging activity that with some work anyone can pick up. While it does take balance and patience to learn, it’s also very easy to set up and start!

If you’ve wondered how to begin, or what some good basic moves are to work on, these slackline tricks will keep you entertained while you improve your skills.

Simple Slackline Tricks

If you’ve never done slacklining and still looking to buy a line to start, don’t overspend in case the new hobby doesn’t stick. You want to get the best slackline for beginners if you’re starting out. And once you have it set up, practice getting on and balancing.

Once you are able to stand and take a few steps, try balancing on your feet sideways. This is not so much a trick as a good skill to learn at the start before you try harder moves to help get you used to balancing in different positions.


One of the great slackline basics to learn first is turning around. It can be challenging just standing still on the slackline, and the next move is walking forward. Once you’re comfortable with that and can stand sideways, you should be able to turn around. It might take some practice, but it’s a good skill to have and allows you to last while slacklining as you can move back and forth.

Going Backwards

Another simple slacklining skill for beginners is walking backward. This is a bit tricky and definitely takes some practice. However, the skill will help you better know how to move on and feel more intuitive about your balance and motions. It’s a great lead-in to harder skills.

Jump On

Up to this point you probably got on one foot at a time, arms outstretched for balance, and a little uncertain. But once you get more comfortable and feel confident in some of the other basic moves, you can try to jump onto the slackline at the start. This can be tricky to get right away so take your time and make sure you are in a safe area in case you fall.

Bouncing and Jumping

When you have your balance and can remain still on the slackline, you can try bounding on the line while standing, and even bouncing while walking. And if that feels too easy, give slackline jumping a try.

Again, these are more difficult moves, so you want to be careful where you set up and practice in case you fall. These skills can lead to many harder moves and soon you’ll look like a pro.

Start Slacklining

Slacklining is a great activity for anyone. It helps improve your balance and is a simple new skill to add. These slackline tricks will help you expand your skills and allow you to start trying harder things on the slackline. And if this helped motivate you to go try something new today, keep reading for more tips and tricks.

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