Ways To Make Your Home Smoke Free

Making the property that you live in smoke free is not only good for the health of those that live in there, but it also makes you more inclined to give up smoking altogether. By freshening up the surroundings of your home and removing any and all temptation that there may be for you to light up a cigarette and start puffing away. 

This is because the mere sight of a lighter or ash tray on a coffee table or the lingering smell of smoke in the fabric of your sofa is likely to trigger a craving in even the most steadfast of those resolute on quitting smoking cigarettes. This is especially true when you have only just knocked it on the head.

Things you can do

Above and beyond everything else, you should try not to smoke inside the house at all. This will have the biggest direct impact on the health of those living in there with you and will also stop your house smelling of smoke. If this cannot be avoided then make sure that where you do smoke, all of the doors and windows are open in order to provide a good level of ventilation. You should also make sure that no one else is in the room with you – especially young children.

Clean all of the fabrics within your home, including your clothes, bedding, curtains, sofas, and the cushions on them. Put what you can through the washing machine and for the rest, vacuum it and give it a spray with a fabric cleaner in order to help further mask the smell.

Try and avoid things and certain habits that you either associate with smoking or remind you of smoking. This might mean not sitting in a certain spot or not drinking any alcohol for some time.

Make your way through your home and remove any sort of smoking related paraphernalia that you can find in clear sight and either hide it away or bin it altogether. This includes items such as packets of cigarettes, lighters, and ashtrays. If you have a spot where you typically keep your cigarettes, this is where you should put the thing that is helping you to quit – such as a vape pen or chewing tobacco. This means that you can still maintain the habit of going there and getting what you need.

Smoking alternatives

Vape pens are popular with those trying to quit smoking as they provide a very similar experience. This can be filled with various solutions that have different flavors and different properties, such as CBD. The use of this substance comes with a variety of health benefits. The same health benefits can be achieved by canines that are fed the CBD infused dog treats that are available online at Verma Farms.

Chewing tobacco is also a popular alternative and also comes in a wide variety of textures and flavours. Some brands, such as Black Buffalo (https://blackbuffalo.com/) even do tobacco free versions that still come in a wide variety of different flavors.

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