Ways to Make You Feel Comfortable at Home

5 ways to make your home a lot more comfortable to live in 

When you move into a new home it can often feel like you are never going to feel as comfortable there as you did in your last place. But eventually, as you add your own touches to the place it all comes together and starts to feel like a home. 

Is there a way that you can make this happen in a matter of days rather than months? 

Yes! We have gathered up our 5 best hacks for making your home feel comfortable in a matter of days. Bookmark this piece and use it as a checklist as you start to make yourself feel comfortable in your new home

Get chairs that support you 

Back problems are getting increasingly common. Why? Because we are all using the wrong type of chairs! 

When you are buying chairs, couches, beanbags, stools, or any other type of seating for your new home – think about your back. 

You should be looking to get chairs that offer good lumbar support. Couches that aren’t too low to the ground. And office chairs that offer arm and neck support. 

This sounds like a small thing, but you really will be thanking us later. 

Get the temperature right 

It is hard to feel comfortable in a home where you have to wear gloves inside. Or in a home where it’s too hot to sleep. This is why finding a few ways to get the temperature in your home right is so important. 

Different areas of your home may require different solutions. 

For example, we believe that in a home office desk fans are essential. The equipment in most home offices heats up the room very quickly. But this equipment actually functions better in cooler environments (as do we), so keeping the temperature lower with a desk fan is a victory on so many levels. 

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If you are someone who gets cold easily then you might want to look into installing underfloor heating as one of your first major projects in your new home. 

Add more natural light 

Humans are meant to spend time in nature and the sunshine. Sadly, modern life doesn’t allow a lot of time for that. But you can up your daily dosage of Vitamin D by getting more natural light into your home. 

Here are a few ways you can increase the amount of natural light in your home. 

Install a skylight in dark top floor rooms. Many people think windows are the only way to add natural light to a room, but if you don’t have much wall space then skylights are a great option. 

If you do have the space on your walls then you might want to consider swapping out your current windows for larger ones or adding a whole new set of windows to the room. 

If you are on a small budget then you should install mirrors in strategic places around the room. Not only will they give the illusion that the room is bigger but they will also bounce the natural light around the room. 

Get the artificial lighting right 

Now that you have your natural lighting sorted, it’s time to think about your artificial lighting. 

Most of us don’t think a lot about artificial lighting in our homes very often. But it can actually have a really positive effect on our lives if we get it right. 

When setting up your lighting, you set up both bright light and low light options. Studies show that switching to low light as the evening goes on can increase the length and quality of our sleep cycles. 

If you want to sleep better, have lamps with dim bulbs on hand for the late evenings. 

Hang art that represents you 

Finally, remember that your home won’t feel like you until it starts to represent you. One of the quickest ways to make this happen is to hang art on your walls. 

You can hang art that you love. Put up pictures of treasured memories. Frame souvenirs. Or even put up art and pictures that inspire you or represent your dreams and goals. 

Whatever you choose, make sure it is something that makes you feel good when you look at it. Don’t feel pressured to put up something just because it’s trendy if it doesn’t make you smile. 

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