Way to choose the best meat supplier for your meat demands

Suppliers are essential to every business. Without manufacturers that provide you with the raw materials you need for your production or that provide you with merchandise for its commercialization, it would be difficult for you to grow. On the other hand, consider that your daily operation requires an infinite number of products and services that are also part of your costs and general expenses, from clips to Internet access.

In addition to providing you with what you need to do business, suppliers are an important source of information for evaluating the potential of new items, tracking the actions of your competitors, and identifying areas of opportunity.

You may have decided to open a new restaurant, a bar, a steakhouse, or start your own butcher shop. Or that, on the other hand, your family business has decided to change meat supplier, for whatever reason. A change in the philosophy of the company, a decline in quality, a sudden or unjustified increase in prices, or also the search for different products or another variety.

Choosing a meat supplier for a gastronomic business represents a difficult decision to make, and one that must be done seriously and responsibly, since a large part of the success of the business depends on it.

It basically depends on four variables that you must take into account: price, quality, stock and delivery. In this article we explain how to choose the best supplier for your meat boutique taking these points into account.

Whether you are just starting out in the meat sector, a professional or an experienced entrepreneur, you will know very well that our modern world changes very quickly . There are companies that change ownership, type of business, abandon a product to sell others … Other times they simply change their managers, their workers and this is not always the right decision.


Whether in meat, fish, vegetables or any food, whether you buy fresh or frozen, it is vitally important for the business to receive a quality product that correctly follows the cold chain; not only so that it does not spoil quickly, but also to give the customer a product in excellent condition and above all healthy.

Any health problem derived from a product in poor condition represents legal problems for your establishment and the certainty of dozens of lost customers.

Meat can only be cooled when the death of an animal passes 3 hours, but it cannot wait more than a couple of days. If during this time the product is not for sale, it must be chilled or frozen properly. It is possible to store chilled meat no more than 48 hours. The cooling process is carried out at a temperature of 0 to 4 ° C. The meat is frozen at a temperature of -30 to -40 ° C in special freezers. Knowing your supplier and the refrigerator their products come from means being sure that they follow these important procedures for a meat boutique, as well as knowing in depth the types of animals, their management and feeding.

Asking for a free sample to test the quality of each product is an excellent idea, suppliers generally give their best products to be tested. Make sure the quality is optimal and don’t let it get more expensive over time. If this happens, look for another provider quickly, here you can see more trusted, premium quality providers


Choose a supplier that has products in stock, to avoid running out of a piece of meat and without the seller, having to go to look for said piece elsewhere.

Once or twice it may happen that the supplier does not have the product you are looking for in stock, but if it becomes a habit, quickly change the seller.


You must have a supplier that adjusts to your merchandise replacement times. A reliable salesperson that you can call in an emergency and it doesn’t take a week to get the product to your meat boutique. Generally, depending on the amount you buy, the supplier will take you into account more or less when making the distribution, so it is best to find a supplier who is interested in your business beforehand and treats you in a personalized way. , knowing how much you are going to buy periodically.


Quality and fast delivery service come at a cost, and this is passed on to the final consumer’s price. Make sure it is not too high and that you do not lose competitiveness against similar businesses.

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