Viz announces Black Clover Chapter 332, Asta progresses on his goal, Lucius returns, and more Details discussed

The publishing date and timing of Black Clover chapter 332, which marks the manga’s return for its ending arc after an extended vacation, have been revealed. The chapter will be numbered 332. The absence of the manga and anime adaptations of Black Clover from their regularly scheduled programming has been a source of frustration for fans of the series over the last several months. Since April 2022, when the original series created by Yuki Tabata went on hiatus for an indeterminate period, no information on when it will return has been disclosed. The Black Clover fans were delighted when Viz Media revealed that the manga would continue its publication and provided a release date for chapter 332. This is fantastic news, especially considering how close we are to the end of the series.

Why has the Black Clover Manga been on break for so long?

In the weeks preceding the international release of chapter 331 of the Black Clover manga in April 2022, it has been the subject of conjecture on the internet that the manga’s writer, Yuki Tabata, would take an extended vacation from working on the series. On April 20, the speculations of a hiatus were originally published on the Twitter website of Weekly Shonen Jump News: “Black Clover, written by Yuki Tabata and serialized in Weekly Shonen Jump starting with issue #23, will reportedly be put on indefinite hiatus, according to sources.

The official page confirmed this information, replying to the original post. Yuki Tabata’s Black Clover will take a 3-month break starting with Issue #23 to prepare for the ‘Final Arc/Chapter’ Unfortunately, not long after that, Viz Media issued a blog entry on the topic, revealing that he would be taking a vacation for three months. The message included the news that the comic book series Black Clover will pause its publication after the next issue to concentrate on the subsequent story arc. In addition, he was granted some time off from working on the new arc to refresh his creative faculties during this period.

Date of Release for the Black Clover chapter 332

If you are a fan of the Black Clover manga, you will be pleased to learn that Viz Media has officially updated the web series page to announce that a New chapter is arriving on July 31, 2022. This indicates that the majority of readers around the world will be able to get their hands on chapter 332 on the day designated as the 31st of July this year.

According to prior speculations of a three-month break, the Black Clover manga will return on Sunday, August 7th. The Black Clover manga has been collected into 32 tankobon volumes and released in Japan as of April 2022. Unfortunately, only 29 of the manga’s 32 full volumes are now available for fans living outside of Japan to read in English, which puts them considerably behind schedule followed in Japan.

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