Video of Taehyung Smoking E-Cigarette Leaks on Twitter, Reddit, Details discussed

Kim Taehyung’s (V) smoking video from BTS has been widely shared online. Backstage at the Grammy Awards, attendees saw him smoking a cigarette. He was there to present an award. The reaction of various internet groups to this video has been divided. People are viewing viral videos to see whether the material is true. The matter is being examined, and several supporters have expressed their opinion that the images shouldn’t have been made public in the first place. Only a few of us would be interested in the specifics that lie beneath the numbers. You have arrived at the ideal internet web page if you are interested in gaining additional information about this widespread problem. 

A Leaked Video Shows Taehyung Smoking

Fans may be seen all around the globe cheering for Kim Tae-Hyung, who performs under the stage name “V.” V can be seen resting on the floor while smoking an electronic cigarette and playing a game on his phone in a tweet that was posted on the official account of the Korean pop group BTS on the 25th of December. Fans started taking the matter seriously not long after the photograph was uploaded, which sparked a controversy that finally resulted in the image being removed from the BTS’s official Twitter account. After that day, there was a lot of controversy on the internet. Continue reading if you want more information about the controversial video that features a member of BTS.

A video of Taehyung smoking has been leaked online

In addition, those who supported the photographs as well as those who opposed them were involved in a heated debate on Twitter. V, a man born on December 30 who is now 24, is admired by those in the army because they realize he is free to pursue his passions even his addiction to e-cigarettes. Because of the possible adverse effects on one’s health that are related to vaping, several of the Kpop star’s followers have remarked that he seems irritated when riding the train. One of his followers, on the other hand, said something to the effect of “these so-called opponents have such restricted thinking.” Tae may, to a large extent, direct his life whatever he sees fit at this point. He is not going about telling people that his life would be wonderful and that it will fulfill all of his wildest aspirations. Additionally, to protect Taehyung from potential danger, several members of the ARMY have begun using electronic cigarettes.

Taehyung’s Smoking Video Goes Viral on Reddit and Twitter

A good number of individuals are frustrated since they haven’t had the opportunity to see this video yet. After some time had passed, the video was pulled down because the people who had first uploaded it made the decision not to invest in Big Time Hit Entertainment. If the management team behind BTS believed that it was damaging the group’s image, they would take steps to seize the item. Stay tuned for additional developments about the matter, and thank you for your patience.

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