Useful Cozy Bedroom Decor Ideas of 2021

It is important to have a place that feels like home. Your bedroom should be a space that you can relax and unwind in after work, school, errands, and baths for the little ones – whatever your day may have been. It should also be a place where you can create some cozy memories with friends and family by curling up on the bed to watch movies (or binge-watch Netflix), reading books while sharing snacks, or just chatting together over tea. Your bedroom doesn’t need to look perfect all the time; it just needs to provide comfort and coziness when you need it most. So if your room looks more like a tornado hit it – don’t worry! It’s time to get creative and cozy with your bedroom decor.

Create a Sanctuary for Sleep

Make sure you have two different bedding/bed covers so that when one gets too warm or dirty, the other can be used instead. This way, you’ll always have an option for a comfortable sleeping experience. Make it comfortable with soft bedding and area rugs. Also, opt for cozy and relaxing lighting. It’s important to make your bedroom a safe and comforting place.

Create Visual Interest with Accent Colors

There are so many ways you can use accent colors besides throw pillows! Use them in curtains, duvets, or as an accent wall. It makes space feel more dimensional and interesting to look at while also being cohesive. Also, use the same and coordinated colors for all of the other items in your bedroom.

Surround Yourself with Homely Things

Many people love to surround themselves with photos, posters, or things they’ve collected while traveling. These homey touches make you feel more at ease and also create a space that is uniquely yours! Hang pictures on the wall or put them in frames on your dresser and make sure they are things you love.

Don’t Be Afraid to Use Color.

Try using an accent wall in a bright or bold color! It makes space feel livelier, but it’s also easy to incorporate because of how quickly colors can change at any time. If you feel like blue is too safe, opt for a deeper shade of purple, or maybe you love green so much that it’s time to step into the lime spectrum. Or, if you’re feeling more daring, try an orange accent wall! To create the focal point on the floor, we suggest using red rugs to pull the whole room together.

Furniture for the Mix

If you want to add some furniture into the mix, we suggest a bench or ottoman for seating next to your bed. The back of it could be an attractive headboard which will not only serve as a comfortable place to sit and read but also create that extra space in your bedroom! What about adding another bed to the mix? A trundle bed is perfect for those who can’t decide between a single or double!

Bring in As Many Natural Elements as Possible

The colors and textures found in nature are soothing and will help make your room feel less sterile. They also provide a natural balance to all the manufactured elements in your room. Incorporate some plants, soft rugs or pillows, and cozy throws on every surface! Bring in natural light by opening your curtains and pulling back heavy drapes to let in the sun.

Add a Personal Touch with Quotes

Adding quotes to your bedroom is for more than just styling purposes! It can be calming and inspiring. You’ll have something motivating you when the day gets tough or even making it easier to fall asleep at night in anticipation of tomorrow’s adventures.

Use Soothing Colors

Soothing colors are calming and make the bedroom a more relaxing place to be in. It can also help get better sleep because of the association between that color and relaxation or “peacefulness.” Wearing these types of colors as well will increase feelings of calmness. Think light blues, powder pink, beige or soft peach.

Add a Rug or Plush Blanket

Adding even just one soft rug to your floor can make the bedroom feel cozier and inviting. Extra plush blankets also come in handy when you’re trying to curl up on the couch with someone for movie night, but don’t want to mess up all of your nice furniture!

Create a Personalized Space

Try to create an area that is all about you, your interests, and the things that make you happy. This can be in any form – from customizing furniture or adding personal items like pictures of family members or close friends. When we live in spaces where we feel at home and comfortable, it’ll be easy for us to get a great night’s sleep and feel refreshed in the morning.

Keep Your Room Clean and Organized

Try to clear your nightstand of any clutter or unnecessary objects as you’ll want your bedside table to be clean for when you need it most – in the morning! Another key tip is organizing all loose items such as books, pens, pencils, notebooks, etc., and stacking them in an organized fashion.

Keep Your Room Sized Appropriately for You

Think about the size of your bedroom as a whole and make sure it’s not too large or small for you. Many people have many different spaces within their bedrooms, such as desks or dressers, which can take up valuable space when they are not needed.

Neatly Organize Your Dresser Drawers

It’s important to have your clothes, accessories, and household items neatly organized for you to find them easily when needed. Try not to keep things on top of the dresser or in the closet, as it will cause clutter with time! Also, throw away all the clothes you don’t want or need, as it will make your space feel less cluttered.

Soft and Clean Bedding

All your decor is in vain if your bed is not comfortable to sleep in. Many people get used to sleeping on their mattresses and stop paying attention, so make sure you have clean sheets and a soft pillow for the best night’s rest ever! Also, choose soft and breezy bedding and decorative pillows that will make you want to sleep. Besides bedding, Quilting has become such an art form that is beautiful and functional in creating a cozy space. The most important thing to remember when decorating your bedroom is the bed!

On a Final Note

So, are you ready to start decorating your space with rugs? RugKnots has the perfect rugs for every room in your house. As we’ve seen, our brains love repetitive patterns and textures like these! Let us know if you need help deciding what rug would work best for your bedroom or another area of your home. We can also offer you interesting suggestions on how to tie all the colors together as well. Get more sleep by getting cozy at night with some new bedroom rugs from RugKnots today!

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