Upskill yourself with online courses from the comfort of your PG in Pune

What’s your dream job? Maybe it’s something conventional like a doctor or lawyer. Maybe you’re actually making your way towards it as a young IT professional. Maybe your dream career is in a domain that hasn’t even been invented yet. That’s the thing about the world we live in today. The career landscape is changing so quickly that the answer to this question is also constantly evolving. Which brings us to our next question. What can you bring to the table at your dream job? Because let’s face it, it’s no longer enough to be a one-trick pony, even if you’re winning all the races. That’s why upskilling yourself all the time is super important.

If you want to stand out as a candidate for a job, or set yourself up for success with an upward career path, your educational journey can’t just stop in college. You’ve got to keep learning and practising new skills to remain relevant in your own field, or make a dent in an upcoming one. That’s where upskilling comes in. And don’t worry, it doesn’t look like sitting in a crowded classroom as a professor drones on and on. With the advent of the internet, it’s easier than ever to upskill yourself with a reputable online course. And trust us, there are loads to choose from.

Before you start stressing about what to choose, take a look at our list of courses that you could choose based on your career needs. And we know you’re busy, so we’ve taken the liberty of choosing courses that won’t take years to complete. All you need is your laptop, a good internet connection, and your curiosity. So if you’re ready to learn something new, let’s dive in:


If there’s anything we learnt from 2020, it’s that honing your tech skills is always a good idea. So you’ve got a knack for logic and numbers, or if you’ve been wondering about creating your own app, why not try a programming course? There are a range of options to choose from, based on your interests. If you’re a total newbie, you can check out Harvard University’s class on ‘Introduction to Computer Science’ or the ‘Programming for Everyone’ course by University of Michigan. And if your goal is to give an IT professional a run for their money right from your PG in Kharadi, you can opt for the ‘Introduction to Programming in Java’ course that MIT hosts and learn how to develop your own problem-solving software. The biggest bonus? All these courses are free.

Online Marketing

How much time do you spend checking your social media accounts? Imagine if you could transform that time into a hard skill for your resume. Well now you can! A quick course on online marketing can add value to all that time you spent watching Instagram reels… ahem, we mean, doing social media ‘research’. Courses are of different levels and durations, such as Buffer’s ‘Social Media 101’ which is an email class that’ll take you through all the basics of social media in seven 15-minute sessions, to a course on ‘Advanced SEO: Tactics and Strategy’ run by Udemy where you can pick up a broad range of SEO topics. With more and more businesses moving online, you just know this is a skill that’ll come in handy.


You might think entrepreneurship isn’t a skill, it’s a personality trait. But we beg to differ. Being an entrepreneur involves mastering several skills like understanding user growth, raising funds, handling operations and management and more. So why not try your hand at it? Standard University has a 20 hour course on ‘How to Start a Start Up’ that’ll guide you through all of this. And if you want to explore a particular aspect like business law or game theory, choose a more specialised course like MIT’s ‘Law for the Entrepreneur and Manager’ or the ‘Competitive Strategy’ course run by Coursera.

Foreign Languages

Arguably the most fun way of upskilling yourself and travelling the world, right from your PG for girls in Pune, is by doing a foreign language course. This is especially a great opportunity if you want to brush up on the French or German class you took in school, or if you’ve got a chance to work on an international project and want to impress your client. Almost all e-learning platforms have options for language courses, so a quick Google search will find you the one that’s best for you.

Those were some of the options for online learning that you can take up to upskill yourself from the comfort of your home. Of course, if you’d like to explore more than our selection, there are several platforms like edX, Udemy and Coursera where you’ll find courses on these and many more subjects. So go ahead and enrol yourself in one of these classes, because your learning should never hit pause.

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