Trending Swimming Pool Deck Designs: Latest Top 3

A pool owner who is always on the know needs updated designs that match his or her aesthetic taste. It is also essential that they make the pool decks and other accents coincide with the whole property’s exterior.

Times are changing fast now. You must get the latest trend in pools. You might be thinking of calling an expert service provider like the swimming pool deck repair St. Louis MO while waiting for the right seasons.

Whether the pools you have functions for home or a commercial purpose. Dressing up the pool area makes it a valuable piece in your property.

Having more time at your home, pool projects are popular today. You probably want to make a difference. Pool designs that you have come across have probably been outdated. Now, you want to depart from overused pool concepts. 

Improving the pool deck design can be a serious job for you. So as a consolation, here is a list of the trends in swimming pool decking 2020. There are 3 we summarized for you and some extras.

1- Wooden Works 

Wood is an excellent material for both indoor and outdoor. The straight cut assembly of the planks looks straightforward. Wooden texture creates a natural and subdued mood. 

The look of wood is seamless. It creates a natural accent that does not need intricate design. It is natural and coherent with the waterscapes by the pool.

2- Concrete Patterns & Textures

Concrete is a traditional material among homes and commercial areas. It has been around for years. It passed the test of time and proves the durable quality for all flooring types. 

Pool owners are now seeing the wonders of concrete. Pools build with concrete decks are distinctly beautiful, string, and beneficial to most properties. Also, if you are looking for a wide variety of patterns and designs, the options are limitless food you.

Let us take a step further. Get to know more about concrete patterns and materials perfect for your pools.

Fresh Aggregate Textures

Create a distinct texture that makes walking by the pool a joy. An exposed aggregate design uses the consistency of the raw concrete mix. The tiny pebbles embellished over the surface make this design unique. You can imagine having a sand-like texture underneath your feet when you walk by the pool.

What makes this a beautiful decking system is a mix used for it. The exposed aggregate concrete deck has a colored stone, glass, and ceramic parts in it. 

Stamped Decks 

Overlay patterns with stamps look chic, bold, and polished. It produces bevel patterns on the surface. They make a natural stone appearance around the pool. But, don’t get deceived by the smooth appearance of the overlays. 

This concrete product is a fantastic slip-resistant material. So don’t worry about the accident-prone spot in your pool. You can stay safe, it does not get slippery when wet. The pool overlay stamps also make a perfect contrast if the pool area has grass and plants for accent.

Add ethnicity and authentic materials that inspire nature. Achieve this with stamping on your concrete pool decks.

3- Polished Concrete

Today, a clean lifestyle and balanced living are in. Wellness advocates see that incorporating water structures into your backyard and outdoor areas creates a balanced atmosphere. T

Polishing concrete is a technique that makes a bare, super clean–cut even surface. The flawless floor that could look like terrazzo brighten the area. 

The calming and anxiety-relieving theme is the upcoming trend for home design and improvement. This comes with maximizing spaces and elements of white. 

This style brings clam vibrations, refreshes the sight and the mind.

The white background is classic, but it always comes fresh when it comes to enhancing the outdoor space. 

4- Other Lesser-Known Trends

Upgrading your pool decks also comes with the right blend of important elements. These are factors that not much pay attention to. 

It makes you a step ahead from other pool owners for you to know landscaping, lighting, and design coordination. Considers these following factors and always be on the know.


Have you tried landscaping? This involves working with the earth elements around your area. Your concrete decks can improve if you work with combining stones, gravels, sand, and greeneries. 

You go without limit when assembling all these elements around your pool. You can incorporate accessible materials found in the outdoors, like the trees or the exotic outdoor plants you have. 

Lightscaping and Sunscaping

Incorporate materials like extensions of roofing or tall plants for shade. Play with the sun and the shadow. Can you imagine the silhouettes outlined the trees and tall plants?

The shadows tattooing on the ground work wonders. Try this. Consider these natural, creative elements enhancing your pool decks’ appearance. Your imagination is all you need.

At the end of the day, what matters is how you use the pool. Whatever design you opt to go with. Swimming pools offer your homes unique assets. It is a built-in paradise within your property.

You can come to it at your convenience. To chill and relax by the pool, indeed, feels great. It also better when you are with friends and family. 

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