Travel-Friendly Tips For Fresh Skin

No matter if you are traveling for business or pleasure, the atmosphere of the new place, the hectic travel routine and restlessness can wreak havoc on your skin. With so many factors contributing to destroying your skin health, you need to make a plan or skincare routine that you can carry out on the go. With these dermatologist recommended skincare tips, you will not only have a great trip but also great skin.

1. Stay hydrated with a sheet mask.

Have you ever noticed your skin getting dry when you have sat in a plane? This is because the pressurized air coming from the air vent over your head causes your skin moisture to dry up. One thing you can do to combat dry skin is wear a hydrating face mask. A sheet mask is the perfect option for this as you can carry it in your bed and apply it when you sit in the plane and just relax.

Another thing you can do is drink as much water as you can. Hydrating your body will eventually hydrate your skin. With the stress of boarding the plane, loading and unloading your luggage  and finding the hotel, chances are you might have forgotten to drink water. So keep in mind to hydrate yourself while traveling to enjoy a hydrated skin.

2. Consider environmental changes.

Note the climate of your destination before you decide to go. If you are going to a humid place, keep a cleanser and exfoliant with you and pamper your skin every night. A cold place may require moisturizing cream or chapstick to prevent your skin from drying out. Vitamin E creams are excellent moisturizers in cold weather. If you are going to a sunny place, keep sunblock in your handbag at all times and keep applying every 2 hours.

3. Keep travel-sized products

Travel sized products are excellent for convenient skincare on the go. Instead of packing whole cream jars and tubes with you, slide in travel size products in your handbag so you can reach in and grab it to use easily.

4. Bring along makeup wipes

Instead of using toilet rolls and hotel towels to wash off your makeup, always keep makeup wipes with you. Makeup wipes are perfect for use on airports, in the plane, bus or car and even on the beach.

5. Protect your skin with an SPF.

An SPF is as essential as water for your body. There is no doubt about that. Whether you are traveling to a sunny place, a windy place or a cold place, always wear sunscreen. If you are going to the mountains, the change in elevation can harm your skin, so always pack in a tube of sunscreen. You may get medicated SPF creams from international online pharmacy easily.

6. Keep a hand cream.

When you are traveling, you might use a hand sanitizer to keep away from germs. This is a good thing but excessive use of hand sanitizer can dry your hands. So keep a hand cream with you and apply after use of hand sanitizer so your hands don’t dry out.

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