Top Ways To Help Your Child Improve Their Writing

Some children love reading and writing, others don’t. But, regardless of whether they love it or hate it, they still need to be able to do it. Although the world is increasingly digital, there are still plenty of times when you need to be able to write, this includes typing on screens. That’s why the skill is still taught.

The good news is, even if your child is not keen on writing, you can help them to improve at it. There are several effective methods.

Enrol Them In Early Learning

This may sound like passing the buck. However, the reality is that you need all the help you can get and part of this is using a reputable early learning centre, such as this early learning Chatswood. They will help your child practice writing. As practice makes perfect their writing skills will improve.

If you work with the early learning centre you can build the skills even faster and stronger.

Read With Them

The more you read to and with children the easier its for them to visualize words and write them when needed. You can introduce books into their daily routine and help them to develop a love of reading and writing.

Keep Writing Fun

Practising writing doesn’t need to be a chore, such as writing lines or pieces of prose. Keep it simple and fun! There are plenty of word puzzles available to download and children’s crosswords. These will challenge your child mentally but should be light-hearted and fun.

Having to write the answers in the dedicated boxes is great writing practice.

Write With Different Things

Challenge your child to write a word they know in different formats, such as pencil, pen, and paint. You can then do the same with a word they don’t know and see if they can copy you. It’s a good way of improving writing while expanding their vocabulary.

Start A Journal

Another good way to encourage children to write is to get them to start a journal. This will help to ensure they write a few words each day. Over time they are likely to enjoy writing and expand their journal entries. Just remember to respect their privacy and let them keep the journal a secret if they want to.

Create A Dedicated Space

It can be hard to find a quiet space to read or practice writing. Choose a corner in your house, or a room if you prefer, and create a dedicated reading and writing area. You and your children can use the area when you want to do some writing.

It will help them focus on the writing. But, they will also see you using the area and this will encourage them further, children love to mimic their parents!

Incorporate Technology

Learning to write by hand is important. But, so is being able to use a computer. Therefore, get your child used to computers by letting them use writing applications on the computer. It’s beneficial in more ways than one!

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