Top Social Media Platforms for Video Promotions

When it comes to video promotion, there are so many options that it can sometimes be overwhelming. How do you filter through all of these options to find the strategy–and platform–that works for you and your business?

There is no denying the importance of social media when it comes to content promotion and brand building. Numerous studies have suggested that a large percentage of the world’s population – maybe even up to 58% – use social media, and the daily average usage is 2 hours and 27 minutes.

Social media is growing every day, and new platforms pop up now and then to fill that gap that we didn’t know we needed. Of course, these new platforms do as well as their predecessors, and soon, millions of new users frequent the social network.

An example of how social media is ever-changing is the complete takeover of TikTok in just a few years. The social network came up at a time when people needed something to take their minds off the state of the world, and pretty soon, everyone had a TikTok account to create or consume content.

Now, most social media platforms have mimicked the short nature of TikTok videos with features like Instagram Reels, YouTube shorts, and others. With all the evidence pointing to just how popular social media and video content are, there is little doubt about how the two work hand in hand.

What Are the Most Common Social Media Platforms Now?

The younger generation is, of course, the major target when it comes to social media content; including video content. Platforms that support their preferred content such as Instagram and TikTok, are similarly the major target for brands who want to reach this demographic.

But with so many video platforms now including Snapchat, Twitter videos, LinkedIn videos, Facebook videos, and YouTube videos, how do you know and choose which one is best for your audience?

A survey in March 2022 showed that people watch the most videos on YouTube. According to the survey;

  • 35% of people watch YouTube videos
  • 25% watch Facebook videos
  • 19% watch TikTok videos
  • 8% watch Instagram videos
  • 13% watch others

The survey shows that while newer platforms have their impact on the world of social media, it is safer to use a mix of older platforms like YouTube with the newer platforms such as TikTok.

Social Media Network Strengths

There are certain rules of thumb to follow when choosing your preferred social media platform.

YouTube is best for long videos. If your videos are more in-depth, you should consider going with this platform.

Instagram is the meeting ground for the younger and trendier audience. This platform is great for traffic, leads, and sales with its ad benefits.

LinkedIn is the marketplace for professionals. If your target is the older, more professional, and smart business people, LinkedIn is the social network for you.

Twitter is popular for quick sound bites and lovers of pop culture. If you have a customer base who enjoys books and discussing different topics, Twitter might be the best option for your marketing strategies.

Facebook is one of the largest and most popular social media platforms, and it’s the best for website traffic, engagement, and sales from video.

Tips For Sharing Social Media Videos

Keep it Short

We already talked about how TikTok has influenced most other platforms to keep their videos brief. The world is getting more fast-paced, and consumers are more likely to be interested in content that is valuable but brief.

People are consuming these videos on their way somewhere, in between two tasks, or even while in line somewhere. They will immediately scroll to the next video if your content wastes too much time without providing value. This is why one of the most important strategies to master is the art of creating snackable content

Try out Different Formats

It’s always a good idea to research and implement some of the strategies your competitors use in their campaigns. However, their formats will not always work out for your business, and we recommend that you try out different tactics (especially in the beginning) until you find the right one for your business.

For example, short videos are a good strategy, but this doesn’t mean that you should completely cancel lengthier videos. As long as these videos provide value to your consumers and they are relevant, you can still publish longer videos. For example, you can test how your audience reacts to live streams, Q&A sessions, interactive videos, and others.

Use Influencers

No matter how good your content or strategy is, you might still find yourself lacking in terms of reaching your target audience or creating awareness for your business.

There are social media influencers on every platform who have a large following and can adequately promote your business to reach the right audience. These experts also know how to create the perfect videos for your brand, making them a key addition to your growth strategy.

If your business is still new and you can’t afford influencers, you can encourage your satisfied customers to make videos reviewing your product or service. These videos will boost the picture of authenticity which you want your audience to see.

Customize your content

While some brands like to lean on one generic content for every social media platform, your content will perform better if you customize them according to the platform you’re sharing them on.

You should understand your target audience, know their interests, and post relevant content only on the social media platforms where they are most likely to engage.

You can quickly post your videos on any social media platform you want as long as you customize them to fit the different social media video specs. But social media users act differently on each platform, and how a Twitter user would react to your brand video is not how a LinkedIn user would respond to your video.

To avoid failure, study the market, your target audience, and the pros and cons of each social network.  If you’re still unsure of which particular platform  is right for your business, you can mix it up and use a little bit of everything.

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