Top Reasons Why You Should Stain Your Concrete Floors

There are many options to customize your concrete flooring. However, there is nothing that can give your floor a facelift other than staining. It would be best if you customized your floor without having non-uniform coloration. If you need to personalize your floor, then acid staining might be the right option for you. Staining gives the floor a unique and appealing appearance. Continue reading to understand why your floor needs staining more than anything else.

Staining Makes Your Floor Water Resistant

Water is responsible for corroding many construction elements. Whenever there is poor drainage or leaks on the floor, water will cause tile discoloration, moldy carpets, wood cracking, among others. However, if you are looking to avoid this, use acid to stain a floor. Any water passing the sealers on will only dry out, making it impossible to corrode your floor. This explains why many people living in dumpy areas prefer acid straining in their precast concrete floors.

Staining is a Health Conscious Option

Acid staining will prevent any pathogens from penetrating. There are no reported cases of dry-out breathing during the application of the stain. After all, nobody wants to risk their lives by choosing risk options. Additionally, the acid stain does not contain any volatile organic compounds, as people can see from other options. 

Staining Gives Your Concrete Floor an Appealing Sight

Daily activities, like walking and moving objects on your concrete floor, can rob its original beauty. However, concrete staining can keep the floor more resistant to cracking and chipping. If you want a long-lasting appeal, then choose acid concrete floor staining. If well done, staining can make your floor waterproof, making it duration while maintaining its original beauty. With acid concrete staining, you can reproduce a similar look to some expensive buildings. The elegance that comes with acid staining can rival real fancy tiles. Why don’t you give it a try? 

Staining reduces freeze-thaw damage

Freeze-thaw is the leading cause of cracking of the concrete floor. During the rainy season, water gets into the unsealed concrete with open pores and iced up the winter season making the concrete expand. Cracks will start forming on the surface. This is because the concrete is filled up, past the maximum capacity point. A concrete staining contractor can help you prevent the entry of water to form ice, hence stopping the entire menace from reoccurring

Minimal Maintenance Needed

Unlike other options available, there is little maintenance required for stained concrete flooring. You only need to apply wax on your floor at least once after every two years, and you are good to go. As you apply wax or finish your flooring surface, it is good to buff the area first. 

You are doing this to protect every shiny application to maintain its appearance even after the staining process.

Staining Concrete Floor Easy To DIY

The staining process follows four simple steps. But before that, make sure the concrete is fully cured. The steps would be to; prepare the concrete, apply the concrete, neutralize the stain, and seal the surface. That’s very simple. However, make sure surface preparation is done meticulously and understand how to handle the product you’re using. After all, staining is an irreversible process, with no going back. Therefore learn before attempting to avoid making a mistake.

The bottom line 

Staining a concrete floor is the best option to choose when you want to look for a unique decorative effect. You will create an array of beautiful colors at a reasonable cost. With this option, you can turn both interior and exterior surfaces into a serene environment because Concrete stain will more than simply add color to your home. While other options produce a solid, opaque effect, stains infuse the precast concrete with translucent tones. 

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