Top-7 Professions Of The Future

Today the world is maximally open to new opportunities. Here, whoever you are, getting a profession and earning a lot is quite simple. To do this, it is enough to be able to desire to learn certain skills and have the endurance to pass all the tests. What professions are relevant today? What will bring income in the future? Let’s find out!

Data Journalist

Modern technologies provide huge opportunities for the development of various fields of activity. One of these is journalism. Information technologies over time make it possible for the emergence of such a profession as a data journalist. Such a specialist analyzes and collects big data in order to prepare articles, notes and other formats of journalistic works, including interactive ones, on their basis. Modern computer equipment is the basis for such professions. Thanks to it a journalist has the opportunity to do his or her work in the shortest possible time and incredibly accurately.

Specialist in IT and AI ethics

As is known in the modern world, fortunately, special attention is paid to ethics at work. Therefore, the profession of Specialist in IT and AI ethics will soon become especially popular. Such an expert deals with the ethical issues of the work of algorithms and artificial intelligence. So, for example, its tasks include tracking and forming the responsibility of AI for illegal actions and recognizing its rights to intellectual property.

Web Designer and Graphic Designer

You may not have thought, but design is around you every second. A package of cookies, a beautiful computer, a lunchbox, a bag of chips. High competition in the business sector makes it necessary to paint almost everything around in unique colors. Any business owner will need their logo and package mockup one way or another. Agree, uniqueness is really very important. That is why now and for many future years designers of different levels and areas will be in great demand.

Architect of “Green” Cities

It is impossible to find a person who has not heard about the environmental problems of the 21st century. In order to reduce the negative impact of man on the environment, the profession of an architect of green cities was invented. Such a professional designs buildings, neighborhoods and entire cities, taking into account environmental requirements and with an eye to the principles of sustainable development. Perhaps this is a huge step for the preservation of mankind

3D Printing Engineer

Printing in 3D format has long become commonplace for many of us. However, printing does not stand still and continues to develop, so the need for specialists who can work with it is growing every day. Such specialists work in completely different areas – in architecture and construction, medicine, even in the production of clothing and footwear.

Сlothing recycling specialist

Returning to the issue of ecology, one cannot fail to mention the importance of processes such as clothing recycling. Recycling clothes allows you to work with the problem of excess consumption, and also brings great benefits to the environment. Many brands are even setting up clothing recycling projects as part of their corporate social responsibility activities. Thus, an ecologist with the education of a materials scientist, who develops and implements technologies for the optimal processing of old clothes, is definitely the profession of the future.

Cyber Security Specialist

Cybersecurity is one of the most important things in the 21st century. Now almost every one of us has an account on social networks, and for some, all the work is based on complex, sometimes even secret, data on the Internet. Of course, every organization that stores important data must take care of its cybersecurity. After all, her existence depends on it!

Here we have such an interesting and diverse list of professions. If you are confused in life and looking for a new job, we strongly recommend that you take a closer look at this list. Perhaps you will make an excellent cybersecurity specialist or designer! We believe in you and good luck in all endeavors!

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