Top 6 neighborhoods in Boston for newcomers

Boston is one of the oldest cities in the USA. Its age is evident in its cobblestoned streets, brownstone buildings, and history-packed museums. Over the years, it has morphed to become a leading research center with a host of world-leading universities and colleges setting camp here. These institutions have drawn people from all corners of the world, leading to a blend of lifestyles and cultures.

Modern-day Boston has a rich lifestyle portrayed in its eateries, landmarks, and bubbly neighborhoods. Today, we look at the top six neighborhoods in Boston for newcomers.

Let’s dive straight in!


If you find yourself in a neighborhood with amazing street art murals and live music, know you are in Allston. These famed street performances draw people from all corners of Boston, so expect it to be lively.

Allston is home to young professionals, including Boston University, Harvard and Boston College students. This meetup of people from all corners of the world has turned Allston into a canvas for different styles and ideas.

The outdoor life full of friendly beer gardens and iconic donut shops makes Allston one of the most welcoming places for newcomers.

A standard one-bedroom apartment will cost you around $1800 a month.


Cambridge has a robust student population drawn from Harvard and MIT. This young generation makes this place a beehive of activity. It is divided into three main squares, Harvard Square, Central Square, and Porter Square, with each boasting a unique character.

Harvard Square is somewhat a self-sufficient student’s city with all the necessary infrastructure. Central Square has a bit of life and is dotted with funkier bars and restaurants. Finally, Porter square is quieter and home to residential buildings including some of the best monthly rentals in Boston.

Commuting shouldn’t be a problem as the T and buses offer adequate transportation if you don’t have a car.


You will love Somerville if you love to indulge in different cuisines. Somerville has a bit of everything from all the Cambridge neighborhoods. While here, newcomers have a choice of three locales, Spring Hill, East Somerville, and Davis Square.

Davis Square is home to Boston’s revered barbeque joint, The Red Joint. You will also find an array of delicious servings from Indian, Mexican, Italian, and Irish joints sprawled all over Davis Square.

East Somerville and Spring Hill pack up a nice combination of beer joints, Ethiopian cuisine, and old-school Italian restaurants. East Somerville is packed with residential buildings, thus providing the ideal living space.

Beacon Hill

Beacon Hill is the perfect place for lovers of history. It has amazing architectural designs dating back to colonial times in the US. It is close to Charles River and Boston Commons, which makes it a popular spot among visitors from New England.

The T Stop is easily accessible if you need to commute regularly. You will also find exquisite antique shops and high-end boutiques in this neighborhood.

Acorn Street, a photographer’s paradise, comes to life during Halloween bringing in tourists from far and beyond. However, be prepared to cough up a little more for an apartment.


Charlestown comes out as a private place, making it suitable for someone looking to raise a family. Situated just across the Charles River, this subdued neighborhood is loved by young professionals and families alike.

It offers a nostalgic dive into historical times with historical monuments such as the USS Constitution Museum and the Bunker Hill Monument. But there is more to do than just pay visits to historical monuments.

For example, you can visit the kids-friendly Paul Revere Park or go for a swim at the Clougherty pool. A standard one-bedroom apartment will start from a somewhat fair monthly rate of $2000.

South Boston

This is the ideal place to live if you work in Boston. Getting through the two-mile journey into downtown should take no more than 20 minutes. South Boston offers the distinct pleasures of a modern-day neighborhood with lots of pizzerias and gastropubs.

Certain parts of this neighborhood give easy access to Pleasure Beach and Castle Island, while others will bring Tech Start-ups closer to you. Commuting should be easy as there is access to the T if you don’t have a car.

Are You Ready For The Big Move To Boston?

Boston has a little bit of everything for everyone. Each neighborhood we’ve discussed in this post has some uniqueness that appeals to different people. Whatever your taste may be, be sure one of Boston’s eccentric neighborhoods will step up to the plate.

Welcome and hope you enjoy your stay in the famed City of Champions!

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