Top 5 YouTube downloader mp3 Sites 2020

YouTube is one of the most famous ways of sharing content and reaching many people. Just think of all the music, movies, or home tips shared on the video streaming site. That’s what makes YouTube a significant source of content for many people around the world.

Getting access to YouTube videos isn’t a problem as all you need is a phone or a PC with an internet connection. The problem comes in when you want to save a few Mp3 files on your device for offline use.

YouTube doesn’t offer a way to download content off it. It is purely a video streaming site. Still, that hasn’t stopped many of us from looking for alternative ways to get the content. Enter YouTube Downloader Mp3 sites.

How Do YouTube Downloader Mp3 Sites Work?

Using these converter sites is relatively straightforward. The sites work by converting videos from YouTube to Mp3 format. That allows you to store them offline on your PC or smartphone.

All these online platforms follow the same procedure in downloading music files. You copy the link to the song you’re interested in from Youtube video downloader , then paste it into the site’s search bar.

A more precise step by step guide is as shown below:

  • Search for your preferred video on the YouTube site and copy the link or URL. 
  • Click on any of the top 5 YouTube downloader mp3 Sites as discussed below
  • Paste the link to the YouTube file into the space provided for the downloading or conversion.
  • Select the file format you desire from the list. In this case, it will be Mp3
  • Select either download, save, or convert to start the download process.
  • On your device, select the location where you want the file downloaded to in the music directory

Top 5 YouTube downloader mp3 Sites 2020

  1. YouTube to Mp3

With this site, you can comfortably turn YouTube videos into Mp3 files. It has an easy to use interface and allows you to select the format you want the file stored in. It is also quite fast. Check this site


  • Its operation is relatively straightforward
  • Easy to use interface that makes downloading easy


  • It is quite simply an anyone can use it
  • Allows you to save music offline from YouTube
  • It downloads music fast


  • Your device isn’t secure when you’re on this site
  • Clip Converter

Clip converter is another wonderful option if you are looking for an online platform to download mp3 music from YouTube. It has an easy to navigate interface that makes downloading easy.


  • You can download not only youtube to mp3 converter but also 3PG and mp4
  • It creates a local directory in your files for all downloaded mp3 files


  • It has an easy to use interface that makes downloading straightforward
  • Converts into your desired format apart from mp3
  • Downvids

Downvids allows you to download not only mp3 files from YouTube but also from other social media platforms. You can download the videos by just pasting the URL from the link into the platforms’ search bar.

It also allows you to download other file formats apart from the mp3 format.


  • Easy to navigate and download mp3 music
  • Allows for downloading of videos from all other social media sites like


  • You can download videos from Facebook and Twitter in addition to YouTube
  • It is easy to use


  • It is full of ads
  • Savevid

The Savevid website, apart from allowing you to download mp3 music from YouTube, also has a music library you can download from. The music library consists of a wide array of music genres that makes sure you don’t have to go to any other sites.


  • Consists of a music library that allows downloads of mp3 music
  • Relatively easy to use


  • The inbuilt music library gives you a wide range of genres to download right on the website
  • It is relatively straightforward to use even for the uninitiated
  • is another website that grabs mp3 files from YouTube videos. It is also available as an extension, although hard to install.

Downloading an mp3 song follows the same basic principle as will all other websites.

It has an additional way you can download an mp4 converter file from YouTube.

By adding ss before the word on the page URL for the video you want, it takes you straight to its download page.


  • It is a convenient tool for downloading Mp3 videos
  • Has an additional you can download mp3 files


  • The other way to download files makes it versatile
  • It is convenient and easy to use
  • You can add it as an extension


  • Can be slow at times

Important Points to Remember

Whenever you download an mp3 music file from these sites, you are probably infringing on copyrights. Before you try to access music via these sites, ensure you have exhausted all the legal options

It is also worth noting that these sites might contain viruses that could be harmful to your device. Never take too long on the sites.

Final Thought

We hope the YouTube Downloader Mp3 sites we have discussed here help you access your favorite music easily. Just remember that some might be potentially dangerous to your devices.

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