Top 5 tips for beginner swingers

There are no rules that forbid open relationships. While monogamy works for some persons, others need the relationship opened to explore their options both individually and collectively as a couple. So irrespective of whether you are married, in a relationship or you want to explore your sexuality with multiple individuals, you might want to begin by exploring the swinging community.

What is swinging?

Swinging is, primarily, sexual practice between singles, couples in relationships or individuals in non-monogamous relationships with other interested individuals. So, swinging could be the swapping of partners, a group of singles having consenting sex with couples or couples swapping partners, for the sake of voyeurism and exhibitionism amongst others. Unlike most people think it to be, swinging is not a form of free porn for women as both men and women are involved in swinging and both parties could enjoy it even independently.

Depending on the idea of the two consenting couples, swinging could be planned, designed or spontaneous. Either way, both partners must be okay with the arrangements and are willing to proceed to explore their sexuality with other individuals. So, you must ensure your partner is okay with this arrangement before you take them to swingers’ parties.

Here are some of the important tips you need to know if you are just coming into the swinging community.

·         Communication is key:

One of the main factors that would make a swinging relationship work is communication. Effective communication has its special feature to help bring the relationship into the right shape. In an open relationship, communication is trust and trust is communication. In order for the swinging arrangement to work without any complication, both partners need to be on the same page and trust one another not to overstep. So, before you begin to think of swinging or how to introduce swinging into your relationship, ensure you’ve had the conversation with your partner. Sit down and deliberate and be sure swinging is what your relationship needs to give it the spark it lacks.

·         Set reasonable boundaries:

Another important tip you should note is that you need to establish boundaries in the relationship. Whether it is a swinging relationship or an open relationship doesn’t mean there won’t be boundaries. There are some swingers’ arrangements that will only allow soft swapping, while others go with full swapping. So, depending on the arrangement and the agreement between you and your partner, you could decide to go for any of the two broad types of swapping. While other couples prefer threesomes and orgies without independent sex couples, some prefer to have separate sex with other individuals and come back as a couple again. So, ensure you set reasonable standards with your partner and abide by them.

·         Start small and steady:

Ease into the swinging lifestyle. Since you are just starting, you might want to begin with exploring some free porn for women videos or those that are done with the swinging theme. This will help you understand the dos and don’ts of the swinging society. Once this is established, it becomes easier for you to graduate from indoors swinging to swinger’s parties, clubs, and orgies. You shouldn’t start your first swinging experience by visiting the swingers’ party, although there’s nothing wrong with starting this way.

·         Play by the etiquette:

Like it is in most adult entertainment industries, there are etiquette guarding the communities. These etiquettes help to maintain order and rules of engagement. So, while at the swingers’ party or orgy parties, you need to understand the codes of conduct. There are various rules you need to play by if you don’t want to be kicked out of the experience. Hence, ensure you and your partner or partners are conversant with these etiquettes.

·         Always practice safe sex:

Since you will be having multiple sexual partners, you must always practice safe sex. Use contraceptives and protection when necessary. Use dental dams and ensure you take regular STI tests and tests for infections before and after any sexual encounter with other couples or individuals. This way, you can be sure you and your partner are staying healthy even while having several sexual partners. You and your partner should ensure you do regular check-ups, depending on how much you have sex with other parties.

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