Top 20 unusual and interesting decorative pillows

The role of decorative pillows in the interior is great. They help to fill the space, transform it, and also give it a special charm and uniqueness. Thus, with the help of such little things as a pillow, your house will look habitable and cozy. They also show the character of the owner of the house and his lifestyle.

Today there is a wide selection of original decorative pillows:

– in the form of animals or birds, as well as mammals;

– in the form of movie and cartoon characters;

– an unusual pillow shape, body pillows;

– in the form of some kind of equipment and much more.

  1. Decorative pillows in the form of food will look stylish and fashionable: for example, donut pillows, cupcakes or croissants.
  2. One of the most popular types of pillows are products of cartoon characters. If your child has a favorite cartoon, give him a pillow in the form of his main character in the movie. It will be delighted and will not want to part with this pillow-toy.
  3. Pillows in the form of fruits or vegetables will look interesting and unusual in the interior: for example, an apple, cherry, banana or watermelon pillow.
  4. Pillows with animal print. Many kids dream of having a pet. However, it is not always appropriate and not every family can afford to keep an animal in the house. You can choose an alternative method in the form of a decorative pillow-toy. For example, if a child has wanted a furry friend for a long time, give him a dog or cat pillow. Thus, it will be an excellent replacement for a living being and your child will be happy to play with it.
  5. A pillow in the form of a bone for a dog. In that case, if you still have a pet, buy a pillow-toy in the form of a bone. This will become your pet’s favorite entertainment.
  6. A star pillow. It is also a common and popular type of pillows. They can be made from both soft material and decorative sequins, which change color when stroking the pillow.
  7. Pillows with festive overtones. On Christmas Eve or New Year’s Eve, it is worth buying pillows in the form of gifts, Christmas toys or a Christmas sock. This will add mood, colors, comfort and festive atmosphere to your home.
  8. Designer pillows with inscriptions. This option will diversify the classic interior and add sophistication to the room. It will look stylish, expensive and harmonious. And also using pillows with inscriptions, you will give the room comfort and neatness.
  1. Decorative pillows with buttons. This type of pillow is not very common because of its impracticality, however, it also takes place. You can make a pillow to your liking yourself, or purchase a ready-made version.
  2. Decorative pillows with bows. To give lightness and “airiness” to your space, this is an ideal option. Bows can be of various shapes and colors, so it will look beautiful and interesting.
  3. Seat cushions. To revive the home environment, you can use a variety of decorative pillows, “scattered” on chairs, armchairs or the floor. It will be comfortable for those who cannot sit in one place.
  4. Designer pillows with appliques and handmade embroidery. Usually such products are produced in a single copy, so it will add uniqueness and sophistication to your home.
  5. Fringed pillows. This option is always associated with high cost and luxury. Very often another technique is used: brushes are combined with a fluffy large pattern on one side of the cover. The pattern is selected in the color of the main tone of the pillow. A striking example of this type of product is round pillows with fringe, fastened in the center with a button. If your room is over saturated with square things, such pillows will help soften the interior.
  6. Pillows in a pattern with curtains. This option will create a special style for your interior and will look modern. You can mix not only pillows, but also, for example, a bedspread.
  7. Custom сar pillows. This will be especially true for those who have little boys in the family. The child will be very happy to have such a pillow. After all, you can not only sleep on it, but also play with it. It will also serve as an interesting addition to your room.
  8. Knitted pillows will give an atmosphere of warmth and home comfort. You can link any patterns, for example, animals or flowers. It is also important to note that you should not add a lot of knitted accents in the room, so as not to overload it.
  9. Sofa cushions. The “set” of sofa cushions, made using the same color combinations, but in different variations, looks original and stylish at the same time.
  10. Designer pillows with graphics. The graphic print on the pillows gives the space dynamics and liveliness. This type of decor will always be relevant and easily combined with other styles.
  11. Decorative pillow in Gothic style. Having such products in your home, you emphasize the elegance, pomp and luxury of your interior. This style will definitely not leave your guests indifferent.
  12. Asymmetrical pillows will help to avoid the ordinariness of your home design.

When choosing a decorative pillow for your interior, remember that it is necessary to style everything correctly with each other. Pillows should be suitable in texture, volume, color and shape. Only in this way the interior of your space will look expensive and harmonious.

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