Top 11 Instagram Marketing Tips To Grow Online

InInstagram ranks higher among the top social media channels due to its impressive visuals and user-friendly interface. Now it’s a common trend among users to purchase growth tools to boost their Instagram profile. Users need to be very careful while choosing growth tools for their profile. An application like Ampfluence looks very fascinating and interesting but it’s a scam. So choose an authentic service for yourself. This platform contains a billion active users daily as people are finding new inspirations on it. That’s the reason why all types of businesses consider creating their Instagram handle and attract new eyes on their product or service. 

It has become a powerful marketing platform that helps business grow efficiently. However, it’s essential to understand how to use the app before you start posting and sharing. It’s also important to understand what works best for your customers and what they want from their Instagram experience. The following are 11 of the top Instagram marketing tips we’ve learned over the years:

1. Be Consistent with Your Content

Most users follow at least a few people, so if you want your content to be seen by customers, then it’s essential to post regularly. Don’t make them wait too long, or they’ll forget about you entirely. The golden rule is that frequency and consistency are keys to success: the more posts and images you share with your Instagram followers each day, the more they will engage with you.

2. Use hashtags

Hashtags are a great way to broaden the reach of your content and get more eyes on it. With an easy search capability, Instagram makes it easier for people to find deeper insights about you. It helps people explore new profiles and presents them with what new can come in their daily feed.

Coming to hashtag usage, you can use up to 30 hashtags per post as long as they don’t look spammy; otherwise, stick with five at most! The goal here is just getting your posts in front of more eyeballs – whether that means following users with similar interests so they’ll notice your posts when scrolling through their feed or using relevant keywords in an attempt to attract someone browsing via hashtag search.

3. Engage with other Instagram followers

It’s not enough just to post content and expect that people will find you. It is important that we give followers the opportunity to engage with us as well by liking their posts, commenting on them, or following up with us through direct messages. Remember that engaging with other creators or businesses on Instagram increases your chances of attracting new eyeballs to your accounts.

4. Post at the right time of day for your audience

What is the best time of day to post on Instagram? This is a great question and one that we get asked often. It’s hard to say what the best time for everyone should be, but there are some general guidelines you can follow:

  • A post in the morning will have more reach because people check their feeds when they wake up.
  • Later in the afternoons, posts will have more reach because people take their lunch break and check Instagram before they go back to work.
  • Later in the evening, most users get on Instagram, so there is a higher chance of your post reaching new eyes if you post then.

We recommend posting at least once each day during those different periods, i.e., morning, lunchtime, and evening. You might want to experiment with what time of day works best based on who you’re targeting and how much engagement you are getting.

5. Offer exclusive discounts and promotions

Offer discounts and promotions to your followers. This is a great way to reward your followers for their loyalty and help you cross-promote other products or services. This strategy also works in attracting new followers as people share this discount or promotion news with their connections to increase their chances of winning.

6. Don’t forget about Stories!

You can use these 24-hour videos to show followers what’s happening behind the scenes, give sneak peeks into new products before launching them, announce sales/promotions, etc. Showing followers behind the scenes of what you do all day at work or in life is a great way to create more personal connections with them! Make sure you have notifications turned on, so you don’t miss anything!

7. Share quality content:

A picture is worth a thousand words, and your content should always be visually appealing. Followers want to see not just what you’re about to show but why they should care about you. Give them the opportunity by creating posts that give them value.

8. Instagram Reel

Reels are a fun way to create a story of your brand and share it with the world. Creating a reel is as simple as choosing from a variety of templates that will be populated in seconds with content you’ve already uploaded to Instagram, including photos, videos, captions or any other media you may want to include – like text! You can also use this function for all new content by uploading directly from your camera. And the best thing about reels is that they’re completely customizable, so make them yours!

9. Hire a Social Media agency

Social media is a powerful tool for marketing, but it can be daunting to manage in-house. Hiring an agency like PathSocial ensures that your brand’s content stays fresh and up-to-date with current trends without the need of you having to constantly monitor new developments.

10. Optimize your Instagram profile

Your profile should be updated with a well-designed profile picture. Additionally, you should brand your feed with the colours of your company. Include a bio that showcases what you do and who you are.

The story highlights option is an excellent way to showcase your best content. Revise the images, add paragraphs of description and insert them into this section. You’ll have a beautifully designed responsive experience, all the while enticing new followers with your most popular posts.

11. Instagram Shop

Instagram Shop is a new feature that allows users to sell products directly from their Instagram feeds. The platform will be part of the main app feed, enabling shoppers to buy items by tapping on them and then adding them to a shopping bag in one step. This saves people time as they don’t need to go through an extra process.


Brands have gained massive growth in their business through Instagram, so make sure you utilize this platform and grow online with just a few strategic steps.

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