Tobias Dorzon NFL Stats & Career So Far, Find The Footballer Turned Chef, Discussed Details

Tobias Dorzon is an NFL player who has turned into a chef, and most people are curious to hunt out why he became a chef. This news has become headlines, and people witness his impeccable cooking on television. The following will help you to know the details about Tobias’s career in NFL and cooking. Most people are shocked to know that Tobias has going to start his career in cooking. It will be extraordinary for the NFL participant to start his career as a chef and achieve monumental success. Tobias has to manage the look in fairly couple of reveals on television, and he is currently competing in the championship tournament. Most people love to see him on occasion and applaud him for his achievements.  

Who is Chef Tobias Dorzon?

Tobias Dorzon is a famous sportsperson, chef, and social media personality born in Washington, District of Columbia, the United States of America, on November 23, 1984. There is no information about his parent’s names, but his father worked as a chef in a local restaurant, a Liberian, and his mother is a housewife. He is the only child in his family because there is no information about his siblings on the internet.

He studied in a local high school in Washington, joined Jackson State University, and studied for his bachelor’s degree. After that, he joined the culinary school arts intuition in Washington. Tobias is a married man; his wife’s name and other information are unknown, and he never shared his wife’s pictures on social media. He has two daughters, and she used to post pictures with them on social media and his older daughter, Riley Dorzon.

Tobias Dorzon’s career as an NFL player

The following will help you to know about Tobias’s career in football. He has been interested in football since childhood and was a member of his school football team. After college, he joined the NFL and Canadian Football leagues and played for them in many matches. Then he was a member of the Tennessee Titans and Tampa Bay Buccaneers and played them. Then in 2012, He announced his retirement from football playing. After retirement, he decided to start work as a chef.     

Tobies Dorzon career as a chef

Tobies has been interested in cooking because of his family, and he started to learn cooking from his father. He worked as an executive chef named Thirteen and has appeared in some cooking reality shows on television. He appeared in Guy’s Grocery show, and in 2022, he participated in the television reality show Tournament of Championship season and was the winner of the season. Apart from that, he owns and is the founder of two restaurants named Victory chef and Huncho House. Tobies is also a partner of Fresh Green restaurant.

Tobies Dorzon net worth

Tobies Dorzon is a chef and football player, and he is estimated to have a net worth of $ 3 million as of 2022. He earned all his net worth by being a chef, social media personality, and professional football player. Tobies is living lavishly with his family.  

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