TikTok claims Bad Bunny has an open relationship but is this true? Details discussed

TikTok is delighted that Bad Bunny is in an open relationship following a video about the comparable that went widespread on the internet but can this content material genuinely be believed? After confirming that he was dating Gabriela Berlingeri, Bad Bunny has been quite outspoken about his connection with Gabriela Berlingeri. The couple often posts videos of themselves together and makes no secret of their desire to be together publicly. During this time, TikTookay is relieved at the prospect of Bad Bunny’s open relationship and possible side piece.

TikTookay assumes Bad Bunny has an open relationship

A TikTok user with the username bitsofits uploaded images of what seemed to be Bad Bunny’s side piece and open relationship, sparking much speculation. Someone accused Bad Bunny and Gabriela are in an open relationship and that he often brings a side chick along when Gabriela isn’t there. In the film, the complainant claims the other lady in his life goes by Vicky and even provides photographic evidence. The TikTookay user claims in the brief film that Vicky and Bad Bunny are often seen in the same places and that she has been seen wearing various items of clothing that the rapper may wear. Furthermore, she alleges that Vicky often removes any Instagram posts that include Bad Bunny recommendations. The video has been seen millions of times, but many of those who have seen it are suspicious that its assertions are based on truth.

Is it possible to trust the contents of these videos?

Even though this argument creates a lot of fascinating concerns, there is not a single piece of actual proof that can be used to support the notion that Bad Bunny is an open relationship. On the other hand, the rapper has made no secret of his love for Gabriela and has often shown his monogamous devotion to his girlfriend. Don’t take it too seriously. It’s only tik tok. The bio on the person’s TikTok page will likely warn you. Although this guy seems to be a Rapper fan, the video reads more like the culmination of rumours, much like the TikTok that had the internet rejoicing over Kylie Jenner’s choice of the name “Angel” for her baby.

What’s Bad Bunny’s dating status?

Even after the two were confirmed dating, Bad Bunny waited until 2020 to publicly declare their status as man and wife. When asked by Rolling Stone about his significant other, he said, “Do people believe I’m spending time alone?” No! To put it simply, I am in the company of another person. That woman has a unique place in my heart. This time in isolation has shown me how much she is my best friend. When asked about the relationship three years later, he said, “I am happy with her.” This statement shed some light on why he decided to open up about it. Nobody knows how much she supported me emotionally in times of need.

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