Things you need to consider before selecting a table

What place will it occupy in your interior? Do you have a large dining room, and is it open to another room in the house? If other pieces are visible from your table, consider harmonizing the style of your table with the rest of your furniture.

Up to how many guests would you like to welcome? If you often host people, think about the benefit of a large permanent table or an extendable table that allows you to extend the top only if necessary. Also, think about the bases; for example, there are tables with a convenient central leg.

What is your lifestyle, and what will be the actual use? Do you have another dining area for this? Do you have an office in a separate room? Take these parameters into account to choose the table that best suits your different uses, both in terms of shapes and dimensions.

Which table design will best suit the style of your interior? Wood is a noble and timeless material that has the advantage of being both robust and warm. Some wooden models have heat-resistant ceramic tops.

What is the ideal table shape?

The rectangular table

• The most common rectangular dining table adapts to most room configurations and sizes. It is, in particular, the preferred form of long dining rooms. It is ideal for entertaining people, especially if it has extensions; it also has the advantage of sticking to a wall permanently or occasionally.

• In large living rooms, the rectangular end table is also the favorite, especially with a corner sofa or two sofas facing each other.

The round table

• The round dining table allows all diners to see and talk to each other fairly. Friendly, it promotes communication, circulation, and ease, especially mounted on a central foot.

Particularly well suited to square rooms that are difficult to furnish, it can also be placed at an angle to optimize space.

• In a living room, the end table fits perfectly between the sofa and the armchairs, especially if you have nesting tables.

As a dining table or end table, the round table avoids bumping into each other, a real advantage for the safety of young children.

The oval table

• The oval table is an interesting in-between. Very similar to the rectangular table, it allows large tables, especially in a long room. In addition, the elimination of angles makes it possible to comfortably place two guests at each end of the table, improving circulation. In addition to a beautiful aesthetic, it stands out for its originality.

• As an end table, this practical shape is often found in nesting tables.

The square table

• The square table, like the round table, allows excellent user-friendliness. Indeed, all the guests benefit from reasonable proximity, whether they are side by side or face to face. Depending on the size of the table, you can eat up to 8 people more comfortably than on a rectangular table.

What materials are for your table?

The wooden table

A renewable material that works efficiently, wood is traditionally used in the design of furniture and tables. The best end tables made of wood are warm and robust. However, hardwoods such as oak, elm, ash, or acacia will resist scratches and knock better than fir or pine.

This is why cabinet makers apply a varnished, oiled, or waxed finish. This protection has other virtues, in particular, aesthetic virtues, by giving the wood beautiful colors.

The metal table

Rarely used exclusively, except the industrial style or the living room end table, metal is often associated with wood, marble, or concrete for a dining table. It is also handy and resistant; on the other hand, it is lighter and less expensive than wood, but it will not forgive you for scratches.

The marble table

This noble and rare material exists in a multitude of shades, all of the most beautiful effects. It will also find its place indoors and outdoors.

Like wood, marble can be sanded and polished. If the marble table has many advantages, it has some disadvantages, especially weight and maintenance. Porous, it can indeed become stained if it has not been treated.

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