Things to Consider When Choosing a Legal Money Lender

Recently, entrepreneurs use loans to venture into fruitful investments. If you’re opting to start an enterprise or finance an existing project, you can borrow money from a legal money lender in Singapore. There are many benefits to getting a loan from an authorized money lender. For instance, there’s less paperwork and you can secure the loan within a short period of time. There are certain factors you should put into consideration when choosing a reliable money lender in Singapore. Some of these elements include:

1. Interest Rates

Moneylenders will charge a higher interest rate compared to other financial institutions, such as banks. Different money lenders will quote different interest rates. Therefore, you should compare and contrast different firms. Choose a firm that charges a fair interest rate. Before selecting the right moneylender, be careful because there are unauthorized firms that can exploit your resources. The right money lender will give you a written quote in order to ascertain their services.

2. Credibility

A credible money lender should have a great reputation. Most moneylenders have an official website where you can access their services. You should analyze all the reviews in order to get a better understanding of the firm. A reputable moneylender will provide additional information about their firm. Obtaining more info will play a great part in creating a trustworthy atmosphere. A credible money lender will give you a loan after you’ve understood their services and the interest rate.

3. Licensing

A reputable moneylender should be registered. Legal moneylenders will be restricted in various ways; therefore, they won’t exploit their clients. Authorized moneylenders will adhere to all the set rules and regulations. Violation of these rules can have major consequences, such as big fines and their license can be taken away. In addition, borrowing money from a registered money lender will give you peace of mind. In case of any misunderstanding or breach of the contract, you can sue the moneylender.

4. Flexibility

There are various modes of payments; therefore, you should consider a mode that suits your budget. A flexible loan will reduce stress, thus increasing your attention and concentration on helpful matters. The right moneylender should allow you to pay the full amount without any penalties. Some unauthorized moneylenders might charge you a higher interest rate when you’re willing to settle the outstanding debt. Flexibility helps you enhance your work efficiency.

5. Good Documentation

When borrowing a loan, there are some documents that require your signature and other vital details. Each moneylender has unique paperwork. Select a moneylender with convenient paperwork. Simple paperwork won’t require more personal documents. A simple, convenient, and easy process will increase your chances of securing a loan on time.

6. Customer Services

The best moneylender should answer your questions at the right time and manner. A moneylender with a great reputation will give you relevant information about the interest rate, the amount you’re eligible for, and the duration of the loan. Reliable customer service should assist you until you’re satisfied.


Choosing the right moneylender requires your effort and time. Above-listed are essential tips that’ll help you secure a loan from a legal money lender in Singapore.

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