The Weeknd’s Facial Makeover Before the 2022 Super Bowl: The Weekend Before and After Pictures explained!

Many people were interested in what was going on with The Weeknd’s face after watching him perform with bandages and cosmetic procedures in the months leading up to his epic performance during the halftime show of the Super Bowl 2021. The performer of “Blinding Lights” had a very successful run during the era of music known as “After Hours,” and it was about this time that he made his first appearances with his new style. Since then, he has announced that the beginning of the time known as “Dawn FM” has begun in preparation for the release of his new album on January 7. During this time, he unleashed a slew of music videos that featured him performing while his face was either bandaged or bleeding. The following is the information that will be necessary for you.

The Weeknd’s face is bandaged, What happened?

The Weeknd, whose actual name is Abel Tesfaye, revealed his newest artistic phase in November 2019 with the release of his album titled “After Hours,” in which he featured a scarlet jacket and wrapped his face in bandages. In addition, he wore a bandage-covered face. In the album’s cover artwork, he was seen with his face bandaged and wearing a red jacket. When additional songs and music videos were available, the story seemed to advance, and it culminated in his notorious appearance at the American Music Awards, during which he was forced to hide his whole face due to a bleeding nose and swollen features. His appearance was famous.

In an interview that was published in Variety, Abel explained the significance of his newly transformed appearance, which was the consequence of cosmetic surgery. When asked about the significance of the bandages he was wearing on his head, he stated that they were a reflection of the craziness of the Hollywood celebrity culture as well as of the ways in which people modify themselves for superficial ends. He was wearing the bandages because he wanted to make a statement about how people modify themselves for the sake of appearances.

Has The Weeknd had Botox or cosmetic surgery?

To put it another way, the face of the prominent person has not been subjected to any form of cosmetic change. Under the context of his record named “After Hours,” he detailed a scenario in which he was required to make use of a prosthesis. When asked why he had made such a significant alteration to his face, which he described as becoming “increasingly ugly,” he responded by stating that a compelling story, which was more significant to him than physical beauty, was more important to him than appearance. He believed a compelling tale was more significant than physical beauty. You can be confident that he is giving his whole attention to his new music, even if his new character may have caused some of his followers to lose interest in him as a result.

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