The Ultimate Guide on the Best Time of Year to Sell a House

Did you know the housing market remains hot? The home selling process can feel overwhelming and intense for most sellers. If you need some tips on when to sell a home, keep reading.

Don’t worry about choosing the wrong date. This guide will teach you some home selling tips to ensure a speedy process. Depending on the market and season, you’ll know the optimal time to sell your house.

Ready to learn more? Check out the tips below.

When Should You Sell?

Many families settle down in the late summer and don’t want to complete a significant move before school. Mayor April is two of the best months to sell. But it has changed to March in recent years.

If you want to sell for a higher price than asking, try listing in April. You should also make sure to list before September. October is a trickier month to sell.

Local market circumstances can also influence the timing of selling your home. Mortgage rates, tax incentives, and job growth will affect the local market.

You should look at listings in March and on Thursday. Listing on Thursday will ensure you get a lot of viewings for the weekend. The only difference is if the market in your area sees houses selling in a week.

A house listed on Sunday might sit on the market for eight days longer than one listed on Thursday. Talk to your agent to find out what day to pick. 

What’s Your Market Like?

The best time to sell will heavily depend on your market’s doing. Are people buying houses left, right, and center? Talk to your agent to determine the best time.

Is there an optimal month they recommend? Your agent can analyze the sales patterns.

Spring Sales

The seasons will also affect the home selling process. Buyers move out of winter’s hibernation and start hitting the curb to find new homes. For example, spring seems to be the best time to list your house.

The seasonality in the market will remain, even if the housing market remains hot. Prep your place in the winter. You want your house to make the best possible first impression on interested buyers.

If you’re going to sell in spring, start improving your home’s curb appeal. This way, you’ll be ready come spring. Take care of repairs around the house.

Will You Sell During the Summer?

A lot of buyers also prefer to shop around in the summer months. School vacation and the weather encourage people to head out and check the listed houses.

What About the Fall?

Most buyers who shop in the early fall months might want to move fast and get settled. There’s a sense of urgency among buyers in the fall. This will benefit you if you want to speed up the home selling process.

Many off-season shoppers will need a home because they had a job transfer. Some might have experienced a layoff or need to move closer to their aging parents.

Selling During Winter

Winter is a slower season for house sales. However, if you live in the Southwest and Florida, you will benefit from the warmer weather. You have a larger window to sell because you’ll see snowbirds heading south.

Selling in a Buyer’s Market

You should determine what market your local region is experiencing.
Is it a buyer’s market? Are there many properties but not a ton of buyers?

When there’s lots of inventory, assume the house will remain on the market for a bit before getting an offer. You will need to sell below the listing price or make some concessions with the buyer.

What About a Seller’s Market?

If you’re selling in a seller’s market, you will have an easier time selling a home fast. There are interested home buyers but not enough properties. This is ideal because you will see your house get snapped up quickly.

Some people experience a bidding war and receive a higher amount than their listing price.

Get a Cash Buyer

Some people sell their houses fast and bypass the marketing and traditional process. If you need to look into selling a home fast, find a cash buyer.

Cash buyers are usually motivated to buy a house and restore it. You could also work with a cash house buying company. Cash for homes often results in a speedier transaction. 

Don’t worry about financing not working when you find a cash buyer. You can finish the house selling process and move on with your life.

Also, when you choose to sell to a cash buyer, you don’t need to worry about a specific time. 

Now You Know the Best Time of Year to Sell a House

Did you find this guide helpful on the best time of year to sell a house?

You should look at your regional market before selling your home. Find out from a reputable agent if you should wait to list your home or if you can get a reasonable price now.

Many sellers will also try to sell in spring or summer before fall hits. Fall and winter remain trickier times to sell because buyers are more settled.

If you need more helpful real estate tips like this article, check out our resources on the blog. We have real estate and home improvement tips for you.

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