The Outer Moat is where the Elden Ring is

An outer moat is a place in Elden Ring. It was given an unofficial name during a part of the Dung Eater’s Questline. In the past, moats were small ponds built around a building, usually a castle, as a first line of defence. Elden Ring shows that there are several small ponds all around the Royal Capital, Lyndell.

When Tarnished finishes a few steps in the NPC’s questline in Elden Ring, the Dung Eater will leave a note inviting him to the outer moat. Players must go here to finish the Dung Eater’s Quest and learn more about the area.

The Dung Eater’s invasion of the Outer Moat is key to getting the Dung Eater’s Elden Ring ending. The only time the location is used is for the Dung Eater’s message, and the Blackguard Boggart’s questline abruptly ends here because of him. This is the only real reason why the place is used.

Where to Find It: The Dung Eater’s Message

For players to get the note inviting them to the Outer Moat, they must finish the Dung Eater’s Questline in Elden Ring. The Dung Eater’s body will come out of his prison cell under Lyndell, and a sign will appear where he used to sit in Roundtable Hold (the room just past the Twin Maiden Husks). The Dung Eater first shows up here after getting to the Altus Plateau. After the Dung Eater finishes his speech, players must get a Seedbed Curse to move on to the next part of the quest.

You can find them most easily in Leyndell’s version of Roundtable Hold, but you might also be able to find them somewhere else. After you give him this, he will give you the key to the Sewer-Gaol as a reward. For the Dung Eater Outer Moat message to come out, he has to be let out of this Gaol.

To find his jail, you must go through the conduit and kill the rats and Miranda flowers. Open it, finish his conversation, and then go back to Roundtable Hold to see that his shadow has been changed to show a message. Blackguard, You can move forward with Big Boggart’s Quest by talking to him in the Outer Moat, buying as many Boiled Prawns and Crabs as you can, and then reloading the area to find him dead.

The outer ring

The Outer Moat is in the Capital Outskirts, a part of the Altus Plateau just past Leyndell. It is southeast of the Outer Wall Battleground site of grace. To get there, go to the Outer Wall Battleground Grace and turn east toward the broken stairs. After you pass the skeletons and gravestones, keep going east until you come to a fork with two paths, one going east and the other southeast.

Use the southeast path from this point to get to the outer moat of Elden Ring. As you go down the hill, keep going through the trees until you reach a small pond with crabs. These crabs will drop good crafting materials for Elden Rings if you kill them. In his letter to the players, the Dung Eater says this about the Outer Moat.

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