The Most Useful Chrome Extension For SEO

The significance of using an effective chrome extension can not be denied. They also perform SEO practices to elevate our website to the top position of the google search engine. If you have the right kind of extension, it can help you automate your research and analysis. 

Are you bothered that your website is not getting the desired rank that you wish? Maybe, you are not working that well on the SEO practice; download some website management software from the pirate bay. You can get them free! In this article, we are going to discuss the most useful chrome extension for SEO.

The Most Useful Chrome Extension For SEO

There is some of the finest chrome extension available on the market. Let’s discuss some of them here. 

1. Meta SEO Inspector

This is among the most effective chrome extensions that you are going to get here. This chrome extension allows you to inspect the meta information on the webpage. They also help you find the issues and fix them. It also helps you with advanced data about both the internal and external script that has been used on the page.

2. Text Optimiser

This helps you in writing. This is a writing assistant tool. With this tool, you are able to analyze the search results for the relevant tables. With Text Optimiser, you get suggestions for words that can better your writing. This is because they offer to optimize your content in a much better manner. This is important from the point of view of website development.

3. Keyword Surfer 

With a keyword server, you can literally give substantial data for free tools. This server provides you with domain-level traffic estimation and keyword ideas. Over the years, it has updated itself and added some new features called “outline generator.” This very feature creates an outline by the top-ranking search engines with one single click. Thus you get full benefits of the keyword Surfer.  

4. Pocket 

This is one of the best tools for saving articles and videos to read later. Once you install it, you will see the pocket icons in the chrome toolbar, which is located at the top right. Pocket has the functionality to add tags to make this easy to explore as well as retrieve stories once you pull out from the search engine land. 

5. Mangools Chrome Extension 

Are you finding one extension where you find all information about the page? Mangools must definitely be on your list. This is free and works even better when you create a free account. Now, why would you install it? 

Firstly, it shows you the backlink to the page. Secondly, you can analyze the on-page SEO. Other than this, it lets you see all the inbound links on the page as well as the status code for the same. With this, you also get to rank the tracking features. So there are plenty of things you are getting here. 

6. Webmaster Tool 

Among the best SEO tools, this is definitely one of them. There is one specialized function that this chrome extension for SEO. This premium chrome extension automates the process of removing bulk URLs.They do it using the google console removals. In order to avail of this, you need to upload a CSV file containing the URLs that you are to remove. Now the webmaster will start to perform the tasks. 

7. Keywords Everywhere

This is one tool that shows three different types of information. They are cost per click, monthly search, and Google AdWords competition. Now, what is interesting about keywords everywhere? Keyword Everywhere puts keyword data where you want it. With this, you are able to boost your website’s SEO

8. SEO Minion

This extension is a multi-tool for SEO. With this, it allows you to highlight outgoing links and check the pages for broken links. It provides multiple features, among one of them the multilevel” People Also Ask” query export from the SERP. This provides you with relatable long-tail queries you consider while you create some content.


In order to conclude, it can be said that the most useful Chrome extension tools provide you with benefits that you get. They provide you with an added advantage but also make sure that you are getting the most out of the tools. There you get all the things that help you with your SEO.

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