The Most Effective Methods Of Eliminating Slippery Floors

A slippery floor is an accident waiting to happen. It doesn’t matter if it’s at work or at home, a slippery floor will cause an accident and this can lead to a serious injury. You may be surprised to discover as many as 273 people per day experience a fall that results in hospitalisation.

While hazards left in the way do cause some of these falls, slippery floors are a big concern. Fortunately, there are several things you can do to eliminate the issue.

Keep It Clean And Dry

Floors attract debris because they are constantly being walked over When debris collects it doesn’t actually make the floor stickier, it makes it slipperier. The best way to avoid this is to clean the floor.

Naturally, soap and water is the simplest approach, although you’ll need to proceed with caution if you’re dealing with a wooden floor.

However, adding water to the floor will make it more likely a slip will occur. That’s why, while cleaning is important, you also need to make sure the floor is dried properly afterwards.

It can help to clean and dry the floor when there s minimal foot traffic.

Anti-Slip Coatings

There are a variety of anti-slip coatings that you can use on your floor. They are generally applied in the same way as cleaning the floor. These compounds are designed to stick to the floor and provide an adhesive surface that increases grip.

They can be very effective but you’ll need to buy the right product for your floor type, follow the instructions to apply, and re-apply regularly

Use An Epoxy Floor Coating

Another option is to change the flooring altogether. There is a range of epoxy floor coatings available. Some can be applied to your concrete floor, meaning you’ll have to remove the tiles or other types of flooring you’re currently using.

Others require you to lay a new sub-base which includes the epoxy as a top coat. The decision regarding which is best for you will depend on the type of floor and base you currently have.

It should be noted that, while this is a more expensive option, it’s a long-term solution.

Epoxy flooring is very durable, non-slip, and can withstand heavy items being dropped on it. That makes it the perfect solution for your home or office and eliminates slipperiness.

As a bonus, epoxy flooring can be laid in a wide variety of colours and it can even include patterns.

Other Options

If you want to stop your floor from being slippery while organizing your epoxy flooring it’s a good idea to invest in a few rubber-backed rugs. These can be placed in key areas. The rubber-backing ensures the mat doesn’t move and the top surface is designed to be grippy.

Alternatively, you can add non-slip treads to strategic spots across the room. Or, you can even consider using carpet instead of your current slippery solution. The final decision will depend on what the space is used for and how heavy the traffic flow is.

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