The major role played by a maintenance engineer – What to know about them

If you’ve recently started off with a business firm of your own, you would definitely feel the need to hire a maintenance technician or an engineer. He would be responsible to maintaining the industrial equipment and machinery faults for instant troubleshooting and replacement, if needed. They upgrade the components of the system to enhance system optimization and locate any kind of adjustment.

Maintenance engineer responsibilities also range from conducting daily routine checks, helping clients with locating technical glitches and making sure that the equipment is performing in a manner it should. A maintenance engineer should have the best knowledge on this industry in order to address all sorts of technical malfunctions.

Responsibilities and role played by a maintenance engineer

If you want to educate yourself on the role played by a maintenance engineer and the responsibilities he has, here are some of them.

  • He enhances and improves asset reliability by incorporating the latest proactive strategies of maintenance
  • He conducts mechanical and electrical repairs on equipment in an effective manner so as to reduce downtime
  • He collaborates with the other team members of operations, maintenance, and production to put in efforts for improving the bottom line of the company
  • He handles the technician teams that are assigned with the task of daily maintenance and scheduled inspections

What are the qualifications required to become a maintenance engineer?

Are you a business manager waiting to hire a maintenance engineer? Just as you should know the reliability engineering definition before you dig deeper into reliability engineering, you should know the qualification criteria of a maintenance engineer.

  • Proper accreditations to repair specific machinery and diagnose issues
  • Capability to read service manuals and engineering drawings
  • A university degree in electrical, mechanical, or industrial engineering
  • Capability of communicating with other team members to understand the needs and convert them to viable solutions

Who needs to hire a maintenance engineer?

Companies with huge facilities and the big industries find it extremely beneficial to work with the best maintenance engineers. Since they are usually skilled in technical repairs, there is no need to contract out work to third-party organizations. This helps the company save money and improve turnaround times.

The specialists in machinery and facilities can understand which components might fail with time. This is when they can understand which parts need to be replaced, inspected on time, lubricated and which ones need preventive maintenance. Thanks to their technical skills that they can also perform advanced maintenance activities like predictive maintenance.

List of responsibilities of a maintenance engineer

Here is a sneak-peek into the responsibilities that are usually given to maintenance engineers of different organizations.

  • Work with PVC piping, cut them, and install them
  • Helps in constant improvement of mechanical equipment of air separation plant, production, and reliability
  • Works perfectly with CNC/PLC diagnostic tools
  • Mend broken sprinklers through the ranch and also repair PVC water pipes
  • Work with varnishing machines, CNC machines, bowl feeding systems
  • Works on replacing capacitators, AC repair, relay switches, motors and filters
  • Replaces and repairs faulty machinery, its wiring, its components and knows how to deal with damaged cooling systems or steam generating systems
  • Coordinates several departments on work scopes, job functions, and time frames to meet the customer standards
  • Helps in line maintenance duties and helps with tool room duties
  • Fabrication, design, stainless steel, TIG welding, modify or produce and optimize production equipment
  • Inventory management and utilization of industrial acidic handling in compliance with company safety policies
  • Taking care of HVAC systems and offering electrical and structural modifications to optimize operations

Therefore, if you’re a business owner who has a large facility, you should definitely look forward to hire a maintenance engineer to facilitate the process of facilities maintenance. Make sure he is capable of fulfilling all his responsibilities.

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