The Importance Of Dental Health During The Post-Covid Period

The pandemic has changed the way people lived until 2020. While many people put a full stop to the unhealthy lifestyle habits, some couldn’t cope with the new way of living and started showing exacerbation. In general, people are more concerned about their oral health and overall health and wellbeing. It is now clear that good oral health can minimize the Covid infection risks and help to recover from the pandemic quickly. At this juncture, dental clinic Sunshine highlights the importance of maintaining good oral health even during the post-Covid period.

Oral Health: An Indicator 

Oral health is an indicator of the general health of an individual. People with comorbidities have risks of showing serious Covid symptoms. An individual with deteriorating health often shows the signs of it in their mouth. People with diabetes are prone to show severe symptoms of Covid, and studies have confirmed that individuals with poor oral health and hygiene are at risk of developing diabetes.

A study by Cardiff University in November 2020 confirmed that CPC-based mouthwash kills coronavirus in a lab in 30 seconds. This indicates that good oral hygiene can significantly reduce infestation risks and transmit the disease to others.

The Post-Covid Period

In recent months, Covid patients report a number of health issues and symptoms after recovery. It includes uncontrolled diabetes, high blood pressure, sleeplessness, oral health issues, breathing difficulties, anxiety and depression, and more. Importantly, a significant percentage of recovered patients show low immunity.

 This is where good oral health becomes the need of the hour to keep the covid-recovered people healthy and active. The anxiety and stress due to Covid, lockdown, and the financial crisis have forced some people to get relief from overeating, uncontrolled alcoholism, smoking, and more. All these complicate and worsen the situation.

The chronology of the pandemic confirms that the infected patients do not get immunity from reinfection. Furthermore, several studies confirmed that the antibodies developed by the human body against coronavirus are not giving lasting protection for people. Additionally, new variants of coronavirus are another serious concern.

Especially the recent Delta variant is highly contagious. Studies are yet to confirm that the available vaccination is effective against these variants. Therefore, whether you are in the post-Covid period or not infected with the disease, you should be vigilant to safeguard yourself from the pandemic.

 What You Should Do 

Following good oral hygiene is a way to minimize post-Covid issues and avoid any oral health issues due to the changed body condition. This also can help better protected from reinfection of the pandemic. The following oral hygienic practices can be crucial for your fight against the pandemic:

  • Brush 2-3 times a day using a fluoride toothpaste
  • Floss daily to avoid any plaque buildup that can lead to gum disease
  • Rinse mouth using cetylpyridinium chloride (CPC) mouthwashes after every meal
  • Drink plenty of water

You should also examine your mouth every day for signs of gum disease, inflammation, or any colour change of your gums, tongue, pallet, or cheek and seek timely medical assistance.

Keep in mind that your mouth is the gateway to your body, and good oral hygiene can improve your overall health and quality of living.

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