The ideal stickers to use in and around your home

Do you have some spare time to fill during the pandemic? Or are you looking for a new house project that isn’t overwhelming? Getting organized at home and having a declutter can feel so great!

We want to help you get organized by suggesting several ways to use custom stickers around your home and with your family. Once you’re done, you’ll feel super satisfied and ready for your next challenge.

So let’s dive straight into the different ideas. Here are various ways you can use custom stickers to get organized.

Have a sort out of your pantry

See that jelly at the back that’s three years old. Or that pasta that hasn’t been opened in 2 years. Time to get rid of both during this process. A good rule is, if you have not used them in the last 12 months, bin them!

As part of this process, you can decant all your rice, pasta, beans, and other grains into refillable jars. This helps to cut down on using disposable packaging and makes sure you don’t forget about that lone bag at the back of your pantry.

When using these refillable jars, you’ll need to label them. You can quickly design a label on Canva in only a few minutes. Then buy biodegradable paper, die cut stickers to identify what is in each jar.

Here’s an example label we created in less than 10 minutes.

You can either create your own or download it for free here. Better yet, if you go for paper labels, they are easy to write on.

Label your shelving

Labeling your shelves is the ultimate organization. The reason it’s so good is that it helps everything to get put back in the same place, all the time!

You don’t want hours of decluttering to go to waste after watching a film late one night and someone puts the DVD back in a random place. The label gives that person a little nudge and helps to ensure it goes in the correct position.

You need a label with a medium-strength adhesive. Not too sticky to peel paint or varnish but sticky enough to stay stuck. If you get plastic stickers, not paper, they won’t disintegrate when you peel them. Why not try a holographic sticker to add some bling. Paper stickers will tear and be frustrating to remove.

Find name tags for your kids

Kid’s name badges are excellent. Once you have them, you’ll be sticking them on everything they own. Get multi-purpose sticky labels that are suitable for clothes, drinks bottles, and more. This will help them not to get lost during kindergarten.

I’m sure you know how frustrating (and expensive) it is when they come home without the brand new sweater on their first day back. A simple name tag can help stop this.

And that’s it. We hope these ideas of how to use stickers in and around your home have been helpful. If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments below.

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