The Fascination of Online Gaming Continues to Grow in 2021

Many business industries are changing and developing quick. In the past, gaming was considered something that only geeks would do. However, this thinking changed in the last two decades. Millions of players play games every day, and the number of gamers worldwide is increasing along with the choices of different games. The concept of online gaming has attracted even more players worldwide. It is not that only young people opt for gaming today, players of differentage have found a new hobby in online gaming. The game developers have worked hard in recent years to convince even beginners on the game market with brilliant graphics and game modes.So, players enjoy an enriched gaming experience with the new features anchored to online games.

Sony, Windows, and Nintendo have already established pioneers in the gaming world. But the arrival of Google and Apple shows the real potential of the gamingbusiness industry and how it will continue to be the trend in the future.

Features of Online Gaming that Make it More Popular

Gaming industry is dynamic so it adopts new features and changes rapidly to enrich gaming experience

The captivation for online games is based on several factors. From one viewpoint, it depends on the gaming experience itself, and on the other, on the current gaming culture, live game streaming, and social network also play a great role. The new features appear in the games very often, and they entice the players. These features and factors include:

High-Quality Graphics

This factor plays a very important role in the exponential growth of online gaming. Developers spend millions of hours to create high-quality graphics of the game. On the PC and game consoles, the graphics are already at an apex level. However, these days, when mobile gaming is taking momentum, gaming studios are striving to provide high-quality games to smartphone gamers as well.

Multi-Player Mode

Certain games require multiple players to work together. This brings the social factor to the gaming experience. The team spirit and the possible competition in the fight against other teams can provide motivation here.

Music and Tracks

Gaming and Music has a special connection. No game can boost the adrenaline level of the players without engaging music at a certain level or mode of the game. Not only in video games, but music is very indispensable in online gambling games like online slots. This is the reason why slot games have a lot of variants like dragon link slot, that has become increasingly prevalent at online casinos. The right tracks and background music at the right time in the game prove motivatingthe players.

Competition and Ranking

The competitive character can be reinforced by ranking lists and thus have a motivating effect on the players. Players can compare their achievements with others.  

Easy Access and A Variety of Games

Online gaming allows very quick access to the games than ever before. With apps, sites, and software, players can instantly access and play online games. Big tech companies have even put out the concept of cloud gaming so that players can access the games without requiring high-end devices.

The sheer selection of games also plays a huge role in terms of popularity. While there were initially rather one-sided choices, online gaming offers a multitude of games so that everyone can find something that suits their own taste.


The activities of the players lead to an immediate response to the performance. This can take the form of a point win, a status display, or an event in the game, for instance. Badges, virtual items as a gift, level advancements, and the development of skills are a great example of rewards that have enticed the players.


Narrative structures are a central component of many games. The progress of the story and possibly the identification with certain characters can motivate players to continue playing.

What Things Can We Expect from Online Gaming in 2021 and Future?

Many changes are expected to come in online gaming

Video games picked exponential popularity in the 1970s, and since then, a lot of new technological changes have been made to make them more engaging and entertaining. The possibilities of innovation have increased with the advent of online gambling. A lot of new things have already been observed in this form of gambling. Here are some new trends that we expect to see in the next decade.

Cloud Gaming

Smartphones manufacturer are upgrading their mobile every year. The high-end mobile specification has made possible the arrival of blockbuster game titles on mobile phones. However, still, they lack the performance compared to PC and consoles. To combat that, cloud gaming could be a future trend. Sony, Nvidia, and Google have already launched their cloud gaming platforms i.e., PlayStation Now, GeForce Now, and Google Stadia. These cloud gaming platforms allow players to access qualitative games on smartphones without requiring high-end specifications at affordable subscription rates. Demand for this new trend will increase in 2021, and will eventually increase more in the future.

Cross-Platform Gaming

With the development of technology, playing high-end games on various devices has become possible. Smartphones, mobile consoles, Xbox, PlayStation, and PC are major gaming devices used by players worldwide. Until now, players on each device can play with players using the same device only. Cross-platform gaming allows players from multiple devices to compete against each other. For example, a player, who uses a smartphone to play PUBG, can play with his friend who uses a gaming console like Xbox or PlayStation. Several games like Fortnite, PUBG, Call of Duty offer this feature presently. This trend may surge in the future.

VR and AR Tech Integration in Gaming

AR and VR tech are already used by many popular games. But this trend is expected to grow more in 2021. Big tech companies like Apple, Facebook, and Samsung are trying to develop advanced AR and VR headsets. Apple’s AR smartglass or headset is expected to launch in 2021, and its prime focus on gaming will surely help online gaming to enhance the gaming experience. The online gambling industry will also benefit from this technology as players will get a more realistic gambling experience.

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