The Complete Guide to Remember When Applying for a Student Visa

You have found your dream course and already started planning where you’ll be living in Australia, and now you’re thinking of preparing the requirements to apply for your chosen university and student visa. However, applying for a student visa isn’t the smoothest process, with various factors to consider as you put together your student visa application. You’ll have to select the right university, consider character requirements, and even your physical health and financial capability!

Seems daunting, right? While you can work with migration agents who can help you through the process, it’s still important to learn more about the application process. Here are things you should remember when it comes to getting a student visa in Australia.

  1. Search About the Application Process

If you are still choosing a university, be sure that it is CRICOS registered, which stands for the ‘Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students. This is a list of Australian education providers that are able to recruit, enroll, and teach international students. Knowing your chosen university is CRICOS registered ensures that it is a legit operation.

Universities might have their own requirements when applying to study. Some may require you to apply using a qualified migration agent, among other necessities. Contact your chosen university for more information before beginning the application process to make sure the process is smooth and according to plan.

In addition, to qualify for student visas in Australia, you have to study a full-time course that is at least 3 months long. You should also enroll in any of these levels of education:

  • Short course
  • Intensive English Language course
  • Primary or high school
  • Vocational education and training course
  • Higher-education tertiary course
  • Post-graduate research
  1. Wait for the CoE Before Applying

You need to have a CoE, or Confirmation of Enrollment, from your chosen university before you apply for a student visa, as this is a requirement during the application process. Be sure that you applied and received this official document before you begin your application.

  1. Get a Health Exam and Insurance

The Australian Government requires applicants to complete a health exam so they can apply for a visa. I recommend doing this early to prevent the hassle of rushing for an appointment or waiting for an available one, which can slow down the application process.

Furthermore, you require health insurance throughout your studies when in Australia. This should cover medical or hospital expenses or incurred during your stay. Your chosen university may organize health insurance for you, or you can select an appropriate health provider, so be sure to contact your university before you apply.

Take note that those from Belgium, Norway, or Sweden are exempted from this rule because of their healthcare agreements.

  1. Ready Your Documents

When applying for your student visa, or any other type of visa, it really pays to be early. The Australian government has created a list of documents required when applying for specific visas, making it easier for you to gather the appropriate documents and other requirements.

Look into the English language requirements, financial records, your proof of health insurance, among others. Collect all of your documents together before even starting the application so you have everything you need and won’t be too confused as you complete the application.

  1. Revise and Edit Your Application Where Needed

This is probably an obvious tip, but make sure that you read through your application once you have completed it. Check for any errors or unfilled information, or if you have forgotten to attach a requirement or two.

After all, you wouldn’t want your student visa application to be rejected or held up over mistakes that could have been prevented.

  1. Preparing for the Interview

You will be interviewed for your student visa, so prepare ahead just like you would with a job interview. Here are some tips to follow:

  • Know all about your student visa application, from the general information down to specific details. It’s important to know your Statement of Purpose, which you may most likely be asked about.
  • Research the possible questions you may be asked, such as why you want to study in Australia, how you’ll maintain your financial stability, and what you plan to do after completing your studies.
  • Have a mock interview with a trusted person to gain confidence and familiarize yourself with what you will answers.
  • Before and during the interview, be confident and strong with your answers, as the immigration official will observe the way you handle the interview if your answers are the truth, and how you can carry yourself if you were approved for the visa.

Wrapping It Up

We understand how confusing it may be applying for a student visa, especially with all of the different requirements and considerations. Taking the time to do your research and perfect your application is crucial, so you have higher chances of being accepted. This will be one step closer to fulfilling the dream of studying abroad in Australia, where you can experience and learn so many amazing things!

I hope that this article on applying for a student visa in Australia helped you out! If you are thinking of stuffing in Australia, keep these things in mind so you have more of a chance to become accepted now.

If you have questions or want to share tips and experiences when applying for a student visa, share them in the comments section below. All of your insights are appreciated.

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