The best whole house water filter

Not everyone believes that whole house water filtration is important. They depend too much on the water supplied by their municipality or their private well water, hence not caring about having this vital plumbing addition installed in their home.

There are a lot of benefits this water infiltration system provides, and to enumerate four out of the many, read below:

  • Safe to drink water

You might be thinking that since your water came straight from water treatment plant, drinking it is 100% safe. Unfortunately, there is still a chance that it may contain contaminants such as lead, and harmful chemicals like chlorine and fluoride. Most of the water being supplied around the world is not as safe as it was before due to pollution. Testing it is an option, but if there is a filtration system to filter out water to make it cleaner and safer to drink, why not install it? And besides pure and clean water is not only healthier but tastes better too. (drink filtered water from Waterdrop)

  • Healthier showers and baths

Contamination is not only bad when directly drinking the water but when using it to shower and bath. Your body might absorb the contaminants on the water through your skin, hence causing skin dryness and irritation. Water filtration ensures that water that will go out of the faucet, shower, etc. is filtered and cleansed well. So expect that the water you will use to drink, brush teeth, bath, etc., went through the proper filtration to achieve its cleanest and best state.

  • Gives longer life to appliances and plumbing

Even harmless minerals, more so harmful chemicals, could build up in the log run and may cause great damages on the plumbing system of the house. If the water is filtered right before it hits the pipes, expect that no building up of contaminants will occur. And besides, no issues in the plumbing system means no reason to spend on replacing pipes and other parts of the plumbing system.

  • To help the environment

Now that the water in the house is safe to drink, buying bottled water is not an option for you to consider. Plastic bottle is definitely not good for the environment and your pocket too, as it comes with a price.

Now that you know the benefits you could get from installing whole house water filter system, the next thing you have to consider is which of the many options of house water filter would you entrust your and your family’s health and safety.

If you are in search for the best whole house water filtration system to install in your house, you may check on this guide for assistance.

  • A good brand

One of the first things you have to consider when choosing a whole house water filtration system is the brand or manufacturer. Is the manufacturer reliable? Were they able to establish a good name and reputation in the industry? Sometimes, the length of time they are in this industry could be an indication of how good they are in what they do, since no brand could last unless they are tested, and trusted.  

  • Warranty

How long is the warranty included upon purchase of the whole hose water filter system? Of course, you would not like to spend on repairs and parts replacement especially if you know that you are not at fault. The warranty could give you peace of mind that when something came up, you do not need to pay huge on repairs or possibly, not pay any at all, depending on the warranty included upon your purchase.

If there are any information on the warranty agreement you do not understand, make sure to ask and confirm.

  • Ease of installation

The easier to install the whole house water filter, the better. Hiring a professional plumber to do the installation may be an added expense, hence choosing a whole house water filtration system that is easy to install is a good decision.

  • Affordable

Even how much you want to purchase a whole water filtration system that is on top of its class, if it is far beyond what you can afford, it is useless. Although, you cannot use just the tag price alone when assessing which water filtration is the best, as not all that are more expensive are better than the cheaper ones and vice versa.

Meanwhile, if despite considering the factors above, you are still having a hard time choosing which of them is the best, you can ask recommendations from your family and friends, read reviews from trusted review sites and call their customer service to ask further questions for clarifications. Needless to say, the decision must not be done too soon, as this is an investment that is not only pricey but could also give you and your family a healthier and safer life.

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